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Pallet Farmhouse Table and Benches

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I haven't been recycling pallets for very long, actually only about two years, so l love to see what other Crafters build with pallets. I have wanted to try my hands at a farmhouse table and benches, so I gave it a shot. I decided to create something a little rustic that wasn't too complicated but would look nice in a large dining room where everyone could be set comfortably.

The table dimensions are 83 x 36 x 30 inches. The frame was built using two wood pallets (size: 36 x 36 inches) secured by metal brackets.

Later, I added two 2x6's one on each end for the breadboards. Using 3-inch screws, I was able to screws these on the ends of the pallets from the inside then later I added a 1x2" along the full length of the table.

I removed boards from the bottom of the pallets then replaced them with sections of two other pallets to secure table top. For the top of the table, I dismantled two pallets, cutting them to fit lengthwise end to end in two sections and width of the top. It is here where I added the 2x6's one on each end.

For the support, I built tressels using 4x4's and 2x4's from a commercial pallet and pieces of some 2x6's I had from other builds. I was able to salvage several long 2x4's from same commercial pallet using one running lengthwise as a beam for support between tressels.

I cut a 2x4's into pieces to make a hole for support beam to rest. The benches were a little longer than the norm, 72x18x12 1/2. I built them this way, to add width between each individual as well as the additional seating. And these were made using 2x6's and 2x4's also from commercial pallets.

I built tressels for the bottom of the set to match the table. The top of benches were commercial pallets pieces I had dismantled. I sanded these then used polyurethane with a stain. I wanted something a little different, so I stained the bottom tressels darker and the top I stained then wrapped off. This left wood giving it a beautiful look but rustic. Something that stood out In the wood on the table, was a heart shape design which gave it a unique look.

Tools used:

  • Circular saw
  • Screw gun
  • 3-inch screws
  • Woof filler
  • Sanders, belt and palm
  • Polyurethane with stain
  • Paint brush
  • Cheese cloth

Resources for this project:

Bio: Handi with my hands, in other words, I love to make interesting things from pallets.... read more

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this is gorgeous buddy, really nice work and built like old-school chunky furniture which will last a lifetime,
top job

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