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Are your possessions sitting on floors, or in boxes and crates? Easily fix that with an amazing DIY Storage Solution – pallet shelves! Build custom-fit storage solutions that save you money using pallets! Rustic, modern, industrial, retro and more – DIY your style easily and build pallet shelves!

Stop living out of boxes and hiding your home décor. Display those photos, trophies, sculptures, and collectibles you’ve saved from trips proudly on DIY shelving you made! Build a single shelf over the sink to add storage in your bathroom or kitchen. Create a large set of bookshelves for the library or office. Build floating shelving or hanging shelving options to add storage solutions for the bedroom, dining room, man cave, garage and more!

Create pallet tool racks, pantry storage, spice racks, can rotation shelves, and even built-in shelves. Organize your garden tools and supplies too! Add storage to your entertainment center, gaming system, or TV stand with additional side shelving. Use those vertical spaces in your home or garage to your advantage with creative pallet shelving solutions!

How I Made a Wooden Pallet Shelf from a Single Pallet

By DJHydron

The shelf is made of a single, ordinary wooden pallet. Each board is hand-sanded. The boards are joined by nails and wood screws. After that, the shelf is painted with […]

Pallet Transformed into a Shelf

By Reusine

Decorative and storage furniture, shelves, tubs, coat rack, flower lamp, mirror, etc. This multifunctional storage cabinet is a wall decoration in painted, patinated and varnished wood, in fuchsia color with […]

How I Make This Pallet Rope Shelves

By Mr.HangerMan

Hi, I’m Peter and I would like to share with you my attempt to make a rope shelf out of pallet wood. Have you ever wonder how all those Lovely […]

How I Made This Pallet Gravity Shelf

By OurRusticFamily

The gravity shelves was a project for my shop… it’s nice to showcase new ideas.

Super Simple Display Cabinet from Pallet Wood Scraps

By Bone

A really simple display cabinet built using leftover pallet wood scraps. Tools required are: a saw, a square, a pencil, nails, and a tape measure (optional). This uses 5 pallets […]

Pallet Cosplay Builds Display Hutch

By petrovich.23

I made a small hutch to display for my cosplay builds. It’s a simple build, made from salvaged pallet wood from a construction site. Two uprights and two shelves. The […]

Practical Ways to Use Wall Shelves to Personalize a Dorm Space

By Neokentin

We all know how cramped for space a dorm can be. Sometimes the room is so small that you barely have any place to display all your amazing art, pictures, […]

One Pallet Vinyl Record Stand

By Mr.HangerMan

One of my first projects out of pallets. I was asked about the Records stand which would hold at least 50 Vinyl Records. So I’ve done the research, went through some example ideas and came out with this solution. Since then I became addicted to the pallets crafts.

Bedroom Pallet Ferry Shelf

By Neokentin

To build this bedroom pallet ferry shelf, I used only one wood pallet and let my imagination kick in! The stain was handmade and I used white water-based to get a whitewash […]

Ladder Shelf from Wood Pallet & Reclaimed Wood

By Neokentin

Here is a shelf that I made to put some light decorations on it, it is inspired by the shape of a ladder. The shelf can be moved as desired […]

Design One-pallet Shelf / Etagère En Palettes

By Neokentin

I’ve built this pallet shelf to display my collection of motorcycle miniatures out of one single recycled wood pallet. My goal was to give it a design shape different of […]

Pallet Kitchen Wall / Bardage D’une Cuisine En Palettes

By Lab11

My mom dreamed of having a new kitchen, but the budget had long prevented updates. She stayed in her 70s-old kitchen with aging tiles, warped paneling, and heavy dark brown […]

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