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Rolling Outdoor Pallet Dog Bench Your Dog May Share With You

By kris

A real big dog bench for Diesel!

Our Best Pallet Chicken Coops, Hutches & Cages

By HeatherStiletto

See our best pallet chicken coops, pallet hutches, and pallet cages for inspiring projects that’ll save you money, let you raise and protect your critters, and even teach the kids about raising animals.

How You Can Create Cute Pet Beds Using Pallets

By PaintyCloud

Your little dog can be relaxing in style with this cute handmade reclaimed pallet dog bed. CHECK our video tutorial and let’s do it for your pet and she/he will be so thankful for it.


Led-lit Pallet Moon Cradle For Kitty

By Bongo WynneWoodhouse

I saw one of these a while back and had always wanted to make one…for my baby…yes he’s a bit hairy and vicious, but you know. Recently got a tool that makes making up panels quite easy, didn’t need any plywood or internal structure to hold it together. Turned out really well, everyone says my cat is totally spoilt, and he is, I love him.

6 Trendy Furniture Ideas Made with Pallet Wood

By Neokentin

Recycling or repurposing wood pallets into different pieces of furniture has become sort of a trend nowadays. If you have unusable wood pallets at home, don’t throw them away. You […]


Pallet Dog Bench and Shelter

By bar

Have you pampered your pooch lately? How about this Pallet Dog Bench and Shelter as a fun idea for your furry friend? It only takes one pallet and about four hours […]

Two-tier Pallet Dog Hammock

By HeatherStiletto

Save money and trees – skip those expensive pet beds that fall apart quickly and build your own Two-Tier Pallet Dog Hammock. A hammock will reduce the pressure on older joints and making it different heights adjusts for your dog’s needs.


Pallet Dog Bed

By Neokentin

Pallet dog bed made from two repurposed pallets. Make your own pallet dog bed with this free PDF guide

Fauteuil Pour Tina / Pallet Armchair for Tina

By Fabienne Germain

Armchair made from a recycled wooden pallet, width is 80 cm and depth is 60 cm. It took me four hours and one single pallet to make it. Fauteuil réaliser en […]


Double Dog Bed from Pallets / Panier à Chiens 2 Places En Bois De Palettes

By Teupe

Regardez cette vidéo qui montre les étapes de cette réalisation


Pallet Dog Basket: Painted or Not? Which One Do You Prefer?

By Neokentin

I made this pallet dog bed using only recovered pallet wood. I love dogs. It took me around 7 hours to complete it.


Doggy Pallet Bed Made From Repurposed Pallet Wood

By Ruaan

My doggy keeps on outgrowing her doggy pallet bed, and I made her a new nice and big bed from pallet wood. As you can see, she is very happy […]

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