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6 Trendy Furniture Ideas Made with Pallet Wood

Recycling or repurposing wood pallets into different pieces of furniture has become sort of a trend nowadays. If you have unusable wood pallets at home, don’t throw them away. You can make a whole lot of trendy pallet furniture items using them. The wood pallets can be new, rustic with patina or a mixture of both. It’s not only fun to work on such a project, but recycling wood pallets into a coffee table or a sofa can also be very useful. The plus point is, you can do it all by yourself. Moreover, you will not have to spend a lot of money to buy furniture from the market. It’s almost free.

If you are a housewife and want to get creative, some of the below ideas can be a great place to start. You should consider becoming a female tradie if you would like to participate in more complicated projects and want to help people with theirs.

Comfy Pallet Sofa

image via WonderfulDiy

This pallet sofa idea is one of my favorite designs. As per your preference, you can put it in the TV lounge or the kids’ rooms. It would look lovely out on your patio too. If you want to put it on the patio, I suggest you use rustic wood pallets.

Outdoor Swing Chair

image via HomedIt

Yes, you can make this incredible wood swing chair all by yourself. You would need a sturdy rope to sew the small pieces of wood pallet together. Then you can hang it with a rope from a tall tree in your garden. Just make sure the rope is durable or you’d end up laying flat on the floor with a broken swing.

Cozy Day Bed

image via WonderfulDiy

This cozy daybed would be a perfect addition to your veranda. You can relax while you read a book, enjoy morning tea out in the open or just lie down and take a little nap. If you buy this piece from the market, it would not come cheap. Use those wood pallets you thought were useless and make this beautiful day bed. Decorate it with flowery cushions and pillows and put it on your veranda.

Modern Corner Lounge

image via WonderfulDiy

This corner lounge idea is really fun to make. Although it looks it requires a professional hand, a beginner can make this with complete ease. This corner lounge would add a modern look to your living room. You can paint it any color according to the decor of your room.

Pet Bed

image via Minimalisti

Can’t get the perfect pet bed from the market for your furry fellow? Don’t worry; you can make one yourself. Use some rustic wood pallets and make a pet bed just like this. Put some soft cushions and pillows so that your little friend can relax.

Wood Deck Cooler

image via CuteDiyProjects

Forget the old plastic deck coolers to store beer and juices. This wood deck cooler is much more spacious and a lot more stylish. You can make this suspended cooler with wood pallets. It’s perfect for storing your drinks. The best part is you don’t have to plug it all the time to keep the bottles cool.

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