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Unique Rustic Cooler Using Pallets

By kry5gag

It all starts with pallets and crates. You can visit you can find them any place that receives freight or landscaping company have pallets. Chances are high they’ll give you what you need for your project. Rustic coolers can be made with minimal cost. They also make great gifts for friend and family. The great thing about these coolers is that the are made from free wood pallets and crates. One more thing that is great is that no two are alike because of the wood.


Rustic Pallet Cooler with Folding Table

By Neokentin

I used 3 pallets to create this Rustic Pallet Cooler. It was easy to create this, and it was my first pallet piece. My Rustic Pallet Cooler: I have no woodworking […]

6 Trendy Furniture Ideas Made with Pallet Wood

By Neokentin

Recycling or repurposing wood pallets into different pieces of furniture has become sort of a trend nowadays. If you have unusable wood pallets at home, don’t throw them away. You […]


Pallet Palooza 1st Place in Furniture: Colonial Cooler Bar

By Neokentin

1001Pallets was a partner of the first Pallet Palooza Competition, one of the first festival dedicated to recycled pallet projects. The festival ended on August, 13 and the winning projects […]


Diy: How I Made My Patio Cooler

By Neokentin

How to make an awesome patio cooler. This project is perfect for gifts, summers, and tailgates! Check out how to make an awesome patio cooler from pallet wood.

pirate treasure chest

Pirate Treasure Chest Cooler Out Of 2 Pallets

By Bshizzle

A full functioning treasure chest with a vintage look, but it’s a modern cooler to fill with “treasure”!


Pallet Cooler

By Neokentin

I made this cooler at the beginning of the Summer, I ran out of pallets and had to use some Cedar I had laying around.


Patio Set With Cooler

By Neokentin

Chair set with table cooler for outdoors


Rustic Cooler From Broken Refrigerator & Pallets

By Neodim

You were wondering how to make a hit next summer? I think I have the perfect useful project for you. It combines Re-using (a broken refrigerator and old pallet boards) […]


Pallet Cooler Stands

By James

I made this cooler stand for a friend. It’s just perfect for BBQ’s or any other event.


Pallet Ice Chest

By Sean Manzi

I originally saw this on Pinterest without any instructions, so I figured I’d just make my own. From conception to final, it took me around 8 hours. The main time […]

Pallet Wood Coolers

By chascoop

I initially saw a wooden cooler on Pinterest two years ago. Having just retired I decided to try my hand at woodworking… I liked the idea of reusing wooden pallets, […]

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