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How You Can Create Cute Pet Beds Using Pallets

  • 1 pallet

  • medium

  • 4h

  • $10

Do you have to constantly tell the dog or cat to get off of the furniture? Give them their own place to sleep and make one of these Cute Pet Beds Using Pallets!

Cute Pet Beds - Tools & Supplies Needed:

  • 1 pallet
  • jigsaw and a reciprocating saw (or you can use a circular saw in place of the jigsaw)
  • sander with 100 grit paper
  • hammer and nails
  • stain or paint, paint brush, drop cloth
  • safety tools (gloves, goggles, breathing protection)


  1. SAW the pallet in half lengthwise. Then, cut the half piece again into halves.
  2. MEASURE the depth of the pet bed. It’s 17.3 in.
  3. CUT: You'll need six pallet deck boards cut to 17.3" (two for the top, two for the side, and two for the legs).
  4. CUT: one deck board from the rest of the first halved pallet and trim it to 13.7" long. Then, cut one pallet block free.
  5. CREATE the entryway: saw an 8.6" gap on either side that you choose - we used the right side of the pallet for this project.
  6. ATTACH the cube to the sticks left by the entry – it will be the left side of it.
  7. SAND the surface completely with a 100 grit paper. You can use a rotary tool for the edges and hard-to-reach spaces.
  8. BRUSH the dust off completely (or use an air compressor and blow it off - but use eye and breathing protection).
  9. STAIN the surfaces and let it dry completely.
  10. JOIN the remaining parts with nails.
  11. HAVE FUN: To make your pet bed more impressive, paint little paws on it with a contrasting paint.

Don't forget to check the tutorial video too!!! :)

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Cute Pet Beds2
Use a Jigsaw, Circular Saw or Reciprocating saw to cut the pallets loose from the stringer boards. Don't get the blade caught in the pallet blocks!
Cute Pet Beds1
Snug as Bugs in a Rug! <3
Cute Pet Beds3
Measure twice; cut once!
Cute Pet Beds4
Using a reciprocating saw to separate the deck boards from the stringer boards.
Cute Pet Beds5
Cutting the opening for easy access to the comfy pet bed, and creating a faceplate area.
Cute Pet Beds6
Sand carefully! You don't want your pets to get splinters!
Cute Pet Beds6
Secure deck boards on both ends to give the piece a more finished look, and to make the bed comfier!
Cute Pet Beds7
Paint or stain to suit your needs. There are non-toxic, pet-friendly stains available, such as at purecolorinc.com, if your pet has chemical sensitivities or allergies. Always use heat treated pallets; never use MB pallets (chemically-treated) for your pets or indoor use.
Cute Pet Beds8
Have some fun! You can use a stencil, or just get creative and put whatever patterns you want on the pallet freehand!
Cute Pet Beds9
Aaah, the life of luxury! <3

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