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Outrageous Outdoor Deluxe Pallet Cat House

  • 8 pallets

  • medium

  • 40h

  • $10

The base of this deluxe pallet cat house is a sturdy pallet that was perfect for the job, and it's entertaining shelter for our kitties. Additionally, we only paid ten dollars for miscellaneous hardware!

Building the Ground Level

I started by making a ground level box on top of the sturdy pallet. I used some scrap flooring as the base of the box. Next, I framed the bottom and sides and clad them with pallet deck boards and scrap plywood. Additionally, I used some plywood that I screwed deck boards onto and cut round kitty doors into them. Basically, frame up a sturdy box, and ensure the top of the box frame is all level to support the 2nd level.

Building the 2nd Floor:

The second floor is similar to the ground level. Frame a box to the dimensions you like. Cover the floor and all the sides with deck boards. I cut openings into the floor to create a passageway to the ground level, as well as openings out one side. I framed the bottom a bit wider so that it had a sturdy bottom to sit on the bottom floor. Finally, I installed hinges on one side so that the box can tilt open. Also, I used a 1x1" scrap piece that I fitted with a long screw as a pivot so that I can use that board to prop open the floors to clean if necessary. Or to catch a kitty if they're not feeling well.

Building the Penthouse:

I framed the penthouse similar to the two lower floors, except that instead of straight sides, I made a pitched roof to give it a homey feel. In addition to the pitched roof, I added two small terraces for the cats so they can chill in the sunshine. :) The penthouse is hinged too, with another little board to prop it open as well.

Final Thoughts:

  • All wood comes from pallets I got with a truckload of them and some leftovers I had laying around.
  • I didn't draw a plan up front but built it as I do like most of the time I make stuff. Don't worry about a particular drawing. It doesn't have to be perfect, and you'll learn a lot by experimenting as you go!
  • Everything is cut and sanded by hand because I don't have proper machinery. However, in the future, that will change
  • Everything screwed and not glued. I made this choice because it gives it a raw look of its own I think, and it's also just in case it has no use anymore.
  • I like the idea that it can be disassembled and repurposed again - and again!

P.S. no need for cutting down new trees... we have all the wood we need!!! After you've done with this deluxe pallet cat house, why not build a pallet cat tree for your furry friends?

Deluxe Pallet Cat House1

Deluxe Pallet Cat House2

Deluxe Pallet Cat House3

Deluxe Pallet Cat House4

Deluxe Pallet Cat House5

Deluxe Pallet Cat House6

Deluxe Pallet Cat House7

Deluxe Pallet Cat House8

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