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Our Best Pallet Chicken Coops, Hutches & Cages

By HeatherStiletto

See our best pallet chicken coops, pallet hutches, and pallet cages for inspiring projects that’ll save you money, let you raise and protect your critters, and even teach the kids about raising animals.


Outrageous Outdoor Deluxe Pallet Cat House

By Woodcycle

This cathouse was made on request of a friend who has 6 cats that live mostly outside… they get all the love and care they need but prefer to live outside… and off course if i can build something that helps animals… I’m all up for it :)


Petite Pallet Cat Tree / Arbre à Chat

By Mathieu37

Give your furry friend a place to romp and play without destroying your furniture. Make this petite pallet cat tree and watch kitty have lots of fun! [toc] Petite Pallet […]


Purrrrfect Pallet Cat Tree

By Neokentin

Have furry friends but don’t want to spend ridiculous amounts of money on cheap cat trees? Build something like this Purrrrfect pallet cat tree and save money! Plus, your furry […]

Diy: Pallet Cat Tree Provides Kitties Some Fun!

By HeatherStiletto

Here’s my DIY: Pallet Cat Tree. I needed a 103″ cat tree, and buying that size becomes way too expensive for my micro-sized budget. However, I did have some old […]

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