Pallet FurniturePallet Boxes & ChestsMulti-purpose Pallet Crates/Racks/Planters/Beds

Multi-purpose Pallet Crates/Racks/Planters/Beds

  • 2 pallets

  • easy

  • 10h

  • $5

I made this selection of Pallet Crates/Racks/planters/beds because they were easy and fun to make. Plus, I made these projects with a chop saw, drill press, table saw, circular saw, belt sander, planer and jigsaw.

I made these pallet crates/racks in a few hours!

My shed is a one-car carport and I have small tables in a half circle to hold my tools. No one else in the family is interested in woodworking except my mother and me. I built a shed, shade house, and a chicken coop in our yard and all are being used. The shed I built I call my Brite Room and I put a lot of my crafty work in there. I love color as I think bright colors make us feel happy. The Shade house is full of plants and the hen house has three laying hens.

I use the “Simplest of materials” to make things like these pallet crates/racks

I do most of my work with the simplest of materials. Additionally, I prefer to join the wood with glue and screws as I feel they stay in the wood a lot more securely than nails. The crates and pallets I upcycle are free from different businesses around town so it is just a matter of collecting them and pulling them apart. Sometimes I go to our refuse dump and pick up pieces of wood there and off cuts from the Hardware store.

Multi-purpose Pallet Crates/Racks/Planters/Beds Pallet Boxes & Chests
WOW – look at all the great things you can make quickly with pallets – crates, pet beds, planters & racks!

Great ideas abound at, like this Expandable Dining Table! Upcycle plastic bottles into adorable Toy Buckets for the kids!

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