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Pamper Your Pup: 11 Plush Pallet Dog Bed Ideas For You!

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Man's best friend is his dog, so here are some great ideas to show them how much you love them! Make one of these pallet dog bed ideas for your four-legged friend! Don't worry, cat lovers.... we'll do something for you soon!

Give your Perfect Pooch(es) a place of their own with these Pallet Dog Bed ideas!

Everyone has their own special spot in this two-dog basket!

This Pallet Dog Bed provides two spots for your pampered puppies.

If you build it, they will snuggle... especially if you add a few comfy pillows in this Pallet Pup Bed!

This straightforward design is roomy and allows for many pillows. A nice Pallet Dog Bed, indeed!

This precious raised doggy bed has a little step ladder built in! What an adorable Pallet Dog Bed Idea!

This Pallet Dog Bed has a raised platform and stepladder.

Make bunk beds for your furry buddies! <3

Make a double Pallet Dog Bed and set them up bunkbed style!

This design incorporates a woven support in the cute, straightforward Pallet Dog Bed.

Create a hammock-style Pallet Dog Bed by weaving straps of material to create a support.

This double-doggy bed also has a DIY Video Tutorial!

This Pallet Pet Bed is two-tiered for comfort.

How cute is this little pallet bed? Just right for two snuggly little pets! And it has step-by-step directions to make it, too!

This cute Pallet Pet Bed will add character to any room!

Go big or go home! This doggy bunk bed even has a landing area and a gorgeous turned stairway.

Make a double doggy bunk bed like this Pallet Dog Bed and be the talk of the town!

This pallet Dog Bed is a very easy design that you could build quickly to make your pooch comfy!

This super-simple Pallet Dog Bed is something you can build quickly for your pooch!

Don't forget your furry friend's first bed with this clever Whelping Bed!

Whelping beds are a great Pallet Dog Bed idea!

Maybe your dog shares YOUR bed. Make it easier for your pup to join you at night with these pallet steps!

Maybe your dog shares YOUR bed. Make it easier for your pup to join you at night with these pallet steps and skip the Pallet Dog Bed altogether!

What about upcycling old belts into adorable Dog Collars!

Bio: I'm a Licensed Vocational Nurse in Southern California, and enjoy woodworking with pallets. I've mad... read more

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