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Doggy Bunkbeds Made Out Of Pallets

Beautiful double pallet dog bed! One of the most original ideas ever seen with pallets!

Doggy Bunkbeds Made Out Of Pallets Animal Pallet Houses & Pallet Supplies

Doggy Bunkbeds Made Out Of Pallets Animal Pallet Houses & Pallet Supplies

Doggy Bunkbeds Made Out Of Pallets Animal Pallet Houses & Pallet Supplies



Shawn Langeland

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Liz Clark

Bailey is too busy trying to sneak himself onto our bed!!

Alex Colliss

Greg – bottom bunk Doyle, top bunk Digs

Ali Cat

Scott Rapson u could make this for nova and ravi

Vincenzina Sciacca-Fearns

Ryan Hammond Love it!

Rachel Struve Geiser


Bianca Kramer

A Getto Highrise and I could the landlord


HAHAHA That’s funny!

Andrew Lesage

Stella would love that

Nicky Colmer-Bell

I meant for your house lol

Sharon Oxlee

What a great idea! Michelle and Pete?

Erica Andrews

Ty Andrews… reckon you could make this for the resort?….

Doris Kimbrell


Cory Budha

Shae Rigg i wanna make something like this for harold but a kennel at the bottom

Jenna Fisher

Josh Easton this looks like a good idea for Sadie and Bruno in the laundry hehe

Amy Burlik

Sharon Crocker and Hannah Mann, I could see u getting crock to make this!

Heather Becker

Rachel Struve Geiser thought of you

Christina Buckley

Jeremiah A Keogh how cool r these for the bowsers

Sally-Ann Grant

Would look good as day beds in dining room John Gnt

John Gnt

Right industry made to hold large dogs eh Sally-Ann Grant

Trish Meredith

Love this.

Rita Strau

Rach Baillie for Fraggle and Rocky

David Astone


Allyson Joseph

Rach Wooder Michael needs to make this lol

Dawn Cobb

Michael and Bailey… I think ethel needs this!

Bailey Cobb

Omg yes!

Bailey Cobb

Perfect spot!

Emily Anne Mitchell

Andre is gunna kill you when I show him and make him help me

Adel Green

Richard Green our babies need this x

Mary Beth Jaynes


Rae-Louise Ward

Haha very funny robyn.

Brenda McCullar Price

That is so cute!

Juanita Lee Morgan

Love it.

Laura Kathryn Morgan

Elizabeth Manning Pearl and jack

Kimberly Flake

Wendy Chris yall need these!

Aimee Wright

Ashlee Gebadi for kelly and stella

Michelle Hennings

Lisa Hennings you could have cat bunk beds!! Or get a friend for Winston to share with! X

Nancy Faivre

Mdr…top…ils vont être trop bien la dedans

Elyce Taylor

Samantha your boys need this!! Get Jesse onto it! Lol

John Schwartau


Donna Stanton

Riley Hills reckon we could ? X

Ava Faulk

Hope Baxley since you have so many. Lol

Sonya Jarvis

Robert Hollemans next project!

Karen Brooksby

better npot let bella or whippy see this or there goes half my lounge room ha

Belinda Burton

Bianca Paterson we won’t put Sophie on the top bunk!

Belinda Burton

god help the dog underneath

Vanessa Oneil

Caitlin O’Neil for Bonnie & Archie

Thérèse Chassot

Look Susan vont Icking ,thats thé new pension for doges!

Kale Lee

Kealan Lee you should make them.
Dylan Moore we should prob make some for wen wer naughty

Dylan Moore

So much more room for activities

Kale Lee

An so much room for improvements lol

Tara Bowie

Renèe Sian could get Locky Wickes to make somethung like this for Jed + Oz haha

Kahla Ann Craig

Omg can we!

Shinade Whitehead

Carto Cartledge…for when trix gets a mate??

Jenaya Kate

Ryan Rayner Kerrod White please make one

Darryl Mann

Sue Elder Archie new bed.

Stephanie Keeble-morgan

Renae Bransby for daisy and chase!!!! They look awesome

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