Roomy Pallet Dog Kennel

  • 5 pallets

  • medium

  • 20h

  • $50

What do you do when your dog grows out of their previous kennel? Build them a Roomy Pallet Dog Kennel! I made this kennel from approximately five large pallets, and it took me about 20 hours total.

How to make your own Roomy Pallet Dog Kennel:

First, I separated all of the deck boards. Then I ran them through a thickness planer to get a consistent thickness and remove any serious surface blemishes.

I made the frame from pallet stringers that I ripped down with my table saw. I built the floor and then covered it with deck boards. Next, I built the wall frame, making the front taller than the back to allow for rain runoff. I covered the sides with more deck boards. I Installed a door on the front with two hinges. I put it in because it reduces the wind on my dog. Butter has an artificial hip and elbow arthritis despite only being two years of age. The door also allows for easy access to remove her bedding for cleaning.

Finishing up Butter's Roomy Pallet Dog Kennel:

I painted it with two coats of primer/undercoat and 2 top coats of low sheen outdoor acrylic paint to match our house. I installed six casters on the base to allow the kennel to moved around our back deck area.
I purchased a polycarbonate sheet from our local hardware store and installed it after installing the cross-bracing for the roof support.
This was my first serious pallet recycling project, and I am pretty happy with the way this Pallet Dog Kennel turned out!

Editor's note: Looks like Butter is happy with how it turned out, too! <3

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