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Raised Pallet Dog Bed Keeps Sadie Comfy

  • 2 pallets

  • easy

  • 6h

  • $20

This Raised Pallet Dog Bed is a comfortable solution for taller/larger dogs as they get older. It allows easy entry and exit and provides your pet a special place of their own. It is 45" wide x 35" deep.

Show your pet how much you care with this Raised Pallet Dog Bed

This idea was an easy piece to do. Since Sadie is such a large dog, a purchased pet bed is quite expensive. Instead, we made our own! We created this pallet dog bed using about two pallets. We left one pallet intact and cut strips to fill in the gaps. Next, we added the three side walls. Then we added legs to it to raise it up off the ground. It had to be sturdy to support a 100-pound Rottweiler. We used screws and brad nails to assemble it. Everything was sanded, stained and sealed with three to four coats of polyurethane. I also woodburned a plaque with her name and decorative touches for the front of the bed.

This Raised Pallet Dog Bed can accommodate a large size dog.
Stain applied and sealed. It looks pretty good!
Raised Pallet Dog Bed has a custom pallet plaque that I woodburned and customized.
I stained the plaque differently so it would stand out.
Raised Pallet Dog Bed is designed to fit the dog bed I have.
Here is my project, finished and in place, and it fits the store-bought cushion I have perfectly.
I added side rails that I mitered the corners in my Raised Pallet Dog Bed
Here are the details of the side rails.
We added legs to raise the pet bed for our taller dog.
The dog bed is upon feet to make it more comfortable for a taller dog.
The bed is complete; but it still needs legs installed on this Raised Pallet Dog Bed.
Here is the completed bed portion. I still need to install the legs at this point.
Another view of my Raised Pallet Dog Bed.
Another view of my completed project. I can't wait until Sadie gets to try it out!
Another view of the Raised Pallet Dog Bed without the cushion in place.
Don't spend a lot of money on a low-quality product. Make a sturdy dog bed that will last for years!

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Bio: We are retired. We live in the southwestern desert in California.... read more

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Jeanine Warren Cowie

Price please and contact no

Andrew McCune

Ryan Vennard

Ryan Vennard

Cud b doin with that in ma house

Andrew McCune

Thats wat a was thinking mate, perfect for them to big horses lol

Ryan Vennard

Ano fs lol they take up a wee bit of room lol

Jenny Deasha

He already thinks he’s king dick??..he’ll love that xx

Loz Duncan

Timothy make this for dogs!

Jodie Spruce

Maddy Spruce for shadow

Tina Hawkes

Hayley McKenzie I think Toby needs this

Hayley McKenzie

Just another bed for him to shred to bits! He has a foam pit out the back at the moment. Grr!

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