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by Stephanie

Recycled Pallets Chicken Coop Has Message Board

Want to raise chickens but don’t have anywhere to keep them? This Recycled Pallets Chicken Coop is a handy answer to your problem! It has a message chalkboard and a cute little porch for the hens!

Recycled Pallets Chicken Coop – upcycling and having a little fun while you do it!

This is a practical and very functional idea for a chicken coop. I even used pallets to make the door! The chicken coop features a cute little chalkboard and charming little porch for your hens. We roofed it with some corrugated tin, and lined the door with some chicken wire.

Recycled Pallets Chicken Coop Has Message Board Animal Pallet Houses & Pallet Supplies

Here is another example of chicken coop made out of pallets! It’s like French people are all raising chickens at home. :)

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Lindsey Harley

Maybe even a dog kennel.

Cheynee Mattey

Thats so cool!

Larissa Hodgetts

Cheynee Mattey :) if you get chooks! :)

Karina And'Cie

pas facile à nettoyer…et vive les puces!

Celine Boine Conseillère Tupperware

Les pouleeees !!

Charline Benzema

pour mettre mathys?lol

Ansoult Pascale

bonjour, est ce que je peux avoir le détail de fabrication et le nombres de palettes, SVP, merci

Amy Hammond


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