Reclaimed Pallet Chicken Coop

By Neokentin

I built this chicken coop using recycled wooden pallets and an old bed base, it took me 2 days to built it. The project was asked for by my sister […]

Our Best Pallet Chicken Coops, Hutches & Cages

By HeatherStiletto

See our best pallet chicken coops, pallet hutches, and pallet cages for inspiring projects that’ll save you money, let you raise and protect your critters, and even teach the kids about raising animals.

Pallet Chicken Coop

By MrLocke

Having done things a little backward, and adopted a couple of young chicks, before having a home for them, I found myself needing to build a coop in a hurry. Straight off a night shift, 8 hours to build a palace for the girls.

Chicken Coop from Pallets

By Nils Binnemans

I got me some chickens a few weeks ago. In the same store, they had some pallets left that would make a great coop.


10×12 Chicken Coops Plus Runs

By Neokentin

We needed coops for 4 hens and their 20 chicks, and a place to keep roosters (and some younger chicks) away from the layers. My sister and I are mid-fifties and are trying to live simply. By using free pallets for both coops and runs, we saved enough to side and roof both areas and provide a hawk-proof barrier over busy chickens.


Log Cabin Chicken Coop

By Neokentin

I only used 1 pallet for the floor of this chicken coop. This took me about 3 weeks and 800 dollars, but I love it, hope you do to.


Red Pallet Chicken Coop

By Yannick

Henhouse for 2 chickens, with rear door to catch the eggs. Poulailler pour 2 poulettes, avec trappe arrière pour attraper les oeufs.

Chicken Coop Made From 3 Recycled Pallets

By Neokentin

To make this chicken coop, I took three pallets and screwed them together in the A-Frame form. The couple ends out of scrap plywood. One end with the doors which […]


Our Pallet Chicken Coop

By Neokentin

That’s it, the chickens are here and it’s high time to build their henhouse to finally let them sleep in their “nest”. We stick to it and here’s the result: […]


Luxury Chicken Coop From Repurposed Pallets

By Neokentin

Luxury chicken coop made from repurposed pallets.


Le Poulailler Parfait / The Perfect Chicken Coop

By Neokentin

This barn was made with twenty old pallets. It was created in 2005 in 5 days in Pollonia on the island of Milos. It is still in good condition today […]

Pallet Version of the Chicken Coop Called the Coopsicle

By bulldoze76

Basically, my wife wanted some chickens and a coop and I finally gave in when our neighborhood bulk pickup (once a month trash pickup for larger items, tree trimmings, large […]

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