by Peter Gabriel

Pallet Dog House

  • 3 pallets

  • medium

  • n/a

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This dog house was made for my border collie out of a 2-meter skid as a base, sides, floor & frame from recycled pine pallets, custom orb roofing as a canter levered roof. The clock was added as he is, of course, a “watchdog” :)

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Karine Oceanours

Nelloche Messiez-poche

Donna Sedivy Pfaff

Kevin with all your experience you could make one

Kevin Wood

I could except that our dogs think they are humans. The kids would probably enjoy this however.

Dennis Hanna

That dog looks very pleased with his new home.


Do you have instructions for your cantilevered dog hoyse? What is a skid? What is the roof material? It’s an excellent example of mid century modern design. All you need is a Starburst click not the one you’ve got thete but love the tongue n cheek nod.
I notice most projects on your site don’t have instructions. It’s disappointing. I need them. I don’t have enough experience to wing it.

Peter Gabriel
Peter Gabriel
Reply to  Mpop

To Mpop -Not sure if as the builder I reply re instructions but happy to offer.
To Megan Sutton – The clock and the door bell are simply a bit of fun.

Megan Sutton

why does a dog need a clock?

Aleksandar Rajkov

My pallet Work

Dori Marquez

ja ja ja Jose Luis Ubago fíjate ésta individual ja ja con el reloj jjj

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