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Show Your Love With These 29 Valentine's Day Pallet Ideas For You!

Valentine’s Day is almost here! Love can be shown (and shared) in many ways, but skip the store-bought teddy bears and coffee mug. Make Valentine’s day pallet projects for your loved ones!

Don't be suckered in by the high-priced baubles and sparkly rocks. Create a unique, customized piece of art or furniture for your loved one with Pallets and save money, too!

They'll appreciate your creativity and sweat equity. Build projects that bring the family together - that'll make your Valentine's day winner! If they have to have jewelry, upcycle a unique Valentine's Heart Pendant from computer components!

Build it with wood pallets and they'll love it!

Spell out your pallet love!

Use this idea and spell out your loved one's name, add photos, or . . . ?

Are you naughty or nice? Find out with these Love Dice!

Find inspiration in these Nice Love Dice!

Don't wear your heart on your sleeve. Put it on a set of candle holders!

Who wouldn't love receiving these adorable little candle holders?

We LOVE this sign!

Make a colorful sign and display your love.

Paint a Love sign too!

Use a few pallet boards and a stencil to create a great sign. Sand the paint a bit along the edges to give it a weathered, aged appearance.

Build a loveseat using pallets to snuggle with your favorite person!

Create a relaxing, romantic place to snuggle with your loved one, or make seating for family gatherings to share the love!

Create a romantic getaway without the hassle of airports, expensive lodging, and crowds!

C'mon, you know you want this!

Show your pets some love, too! Make a beautiful piece of furniture with a built-in pet bed!

Adorable! Make a special place for your pet to cuddle into and keep them nearby!

Don't just give your loved one flowers. Instead, make a stunning triple-vase to hold the flowers!

Flowers are nice, but a place to put them is better with this triple-vase to hold flowers.

Make the bedroom beautiful!

Upgrade the bedroom furniture!

Show him your appreciation: Assemble this outstanding pallet VW bar.

If you have a VW fan in your home, they'll love this VW bar!

A movable heart cutout tea light holder sets the romantic mood in any room!

Light up the romance with this candle holder.

Build him or her the ultimate tool shed with Dutch doors.

This tool shed idea features individual stalls for each power tool. Use this idea and design your ultimate man cave or she-shack!

Gather the family around a terrific pallet bar!

Share the love with family and friends! Host a party with this pallet bar and you'll be popular!

Make a stacked pallet wood lounge set and love the outdoors!

Lounge with your loved ones in these stacked pallet wood lounge set!

Create a relaxing space that reminds him or her how much you love them! Two Hearts Become One with this beautiful Hearts Pallet Coffee Table.

Maybe you don’t have the room for another awesome coffee table, or you’re short on time. Here’s a brilliant idea – make an adorable set like these Love Heart Pallet Candle Holders!

Let him or she knows that you love every minute you have with them. Try out this Pallet Heart Clock as a superb project!

Say it out loud! How about this nifty Pallet Love Sign to proclaim your affections?

Every couple needs a nice place to snuggle. This Outdoor Love Seat will do the trick! It is romantic AND practical. What more could your loved one want?

Perfectly Pallet Wedding!

Love can take the form of creating a perfect space to live in. If you love the outdoors, but don’t have a big yard, then make a Vertical Pallet Garden. You can do a succulent garden, a herb garden, or just a pretty flower garden. Better yet, make ALL of them!

If you love food, then show a little love for the bees too! This will use scrap bits you have left over from those other brilliant creations and make a Pallet Bee Habitat. Wood bees pollinate too, and this will keep them from your pallet storage racks (and home). Help the bees and your local environment and get rid of those scraps without sending them to the landfill. Now that’s some serious planet love. :)

So maybe you don’t have time to make a project for this particular holiday. Again, skip the ordinary, but you can buy something extraordinary. Plus, show a little of your fun side with this Forking Fabulous Love Sign that you can find on Etsy.

Blended families come in many shapes and forms. Sometimes it’s You Me and the Cat.

Team Love. Pick your team, and show the love!

Don’t forget your four-legged family. Your pets need a soft, special place of their own, too. How about this adorable Dog Bed for Fido or Rover?

The love of family and friends is important too. Greet those special people with this Pretty Pallet Painted Sign.

Make a Pallet Bar and get the party started.

Skip the expensive baubles and give a gift from the heart: build your loved one a pallet project! Artwork, furniture, bars, and sheds, plus thousands of ideas!
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