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Vw Pallet Bar / Bar Vw Combi En Bois De Palette

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For a long time I had this idea, and finally decided to create my VW Pallet Bar! I made a bar using pallet wood for the frame and incorporated metal trim and auto parts. Since I used VW parts, I decided to style it like the front of a VW Bus, with that classic arched two-tone paint scheme.

I wanted a VW Pallet Bar, but use this idea to create any theme for your pallet bar!

I used approximately six pallets of wood for the frame and siding. Additionally, I used scaffolding wood for the bar top, angled steel for trim and structural support. VW parts included the classic VW emblem, turn signals and headlights that powered so they would light up. It is completed with two colors of stain and sealed with a satin finish polyurethane. I used Basque Red for the body and Smoky Gray for the bar top and front trim. Note the license on the “bumper” for a finishing touch!

The ultimate automotive fan’s man cave idea: A VW Pallet Bar! Now make your themed bar with any car style you love.

Longtemps resté en gestation dans ma tête, je voulais enfin concrétiser l’idée… un bar en bois de palette et échafaudage, avec des pièces métalliques, mais aussi des pièces VW …. Pour finalement y arriver… le Bar VW Combi des Ateliers du PoM.
Matériaux utilisés, bois de palette pour la structure et le corps, bois d’échafaudage pour le plateau, cornières acier pur structurer le tout. Des pièces VW pour finaliser… signe, clignotants et phares… qui fonctionnent!!!!!
Finition rouge basque satiné pour le corps et gris fumé satiné pour la plateau.

Vw Pallet Bar / Bar Vw Combi En Bois De Palette Pallet Bars
Vw Pallet Bar / Bar Vw Combi En Bois De Palette Pallet Bars
Vw Pallet Bar / Bar Vw Combi En Bois De Palette Pallet Bars

Keep the car theme going and make a set of these Garage Pallet Shelves. Ideal for holding those delicious beverages in your man cave! Make a Mannequin Lamp!


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Alana Cox

Leon Bunting found ya bar lol xx

Lone Jeffery

Scott Alexander Buchanan you guys should make this


No Mandela Effect on that VW symbol



Those lights are probably expensive.

Noé Le Deun

Baptiste Arzur. Une table de mix ??

Pierre-Edward Procyk

Jonathan Brassard check ça

David Pym

They did it look ??? Nick Whiskey, Laura Willson

Geoffrey Courdent

Jeremy Marie au cas où ?… ??

Jeremy Marie

Pas mal du tout! ??

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