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by A. Scheppler

Mini Pallet Kitchenette for the Office

  • 12 pallets

  • medium

  • 24h

  • $600

Instead of cheap, pressboard cabinets, here’s a terrific idea for a Mini Pallet Kitchenette for the Office! It’s durable, it’s very functional, and it’s eye-catching as well as environmentally conscious!

Here’s how I made a Mini Pallet Kitchenette for my wife’s office:

I started with 12 pallets, and this project took me about 24 hours to complete. I did purchase plumbing supplies and an induction cooktop, and run electrical to it. As well as miscellaneous hardware, so there were some costs to this project.

First, I stacked the pallets and figured out where I needed to remove some of the bottom deck boards. I wanted some removed to create storage areas and used the removed boards to fill in others. Next, I cut and reattached as was necessary to create space to for the sink plumbing, and some larger storage shelves for bowls and supplies. I also created some drawers for utensils and other kitchen necessities. I used the natural spaces between the blocks and made the drawers from some of the removed deck boards.

For added storage, I cut a pallet down on either side of the blocks and used some of the remaining deck boards to make backs for the wall shelves.

I planed down the tops of the counter after installing extra boards to remove any gaps between the top level of deck boards. Next, I cut a hole for the sink and installed it.

I used all EPAL heat-treated pallets to minimize exposure to anything unhealthy for my wife and her coworkers. I have not applied any coatings yet, but waxes, varnishes, and polyurethanes would be options that could be considered. All of them would prevent stains and other damage occurring to the wood.

My wife and coworkers are pleased with the outcome of this Mini Pallet Kitchenette. It’s functional and good looking. Plus, it was gentle on the office budget.

Mini Pallet Kitchenette for the Office Pallet Bars
Mini Pallet Kitchenette for the Office Pallet Bars
Mini Pallet Kitchenette for the Office Pallet Bars

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