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by Chris Welch

Bbq Surround Pallet Table

  • 15 pallets

  • medium

  • 30h

  • $200

I made this Bbq Surround Pallet Table to fit a “Big Green Egg” style of barbecue. I assembled this from various types and sizes of pallets found locally. Then I trimmed it with cedar and topped it with a corrugated metal roof.

Bbq Surround Pallet Table is handy, even if with afternoon rain showers! Guaranteed to make those family gatherings and outdoor living areas memorable.

First, I found some industrial pallets with 4×4″ pallet stringer posts. I used those for the four corner support pieces. Next, I framed out the lower shelf and upper table, securing to the four 4×4″ posts. I added in pallet deck boards to enclose the table top and shelf tops. Then, I used more deck boards to frame out the roof, adding extra support at the corners. I had to add in a small pedestal to raise the height of the Green Egg to where I wanted it. Additionally, I placed some fire brick as the base and surround of the bottom of the BBQ. Finally, I trimmed it in cedar planks and added hooks for utensils and supplies. I sealed it with an outdoor polyurethane with UV protection.

Bbq Surround Pallet Table Pallet Bars
Bbq Surround Pallet Table Pallet Bars
Bbq Surround Pallet Table Pallet Bars
Bbq Surround Pallet Table Pallet Bars
Bbq Surround Pallet Table Pallet Bars

Don’t forget a Pallet Bar for those festive occasions!

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Outstanding BBQ Table!! I hope you can provide plans. I’ve been wanting to build something to keep the rain out and provide shade on a sunny day. Your table is just what I’ve been looking for.


Very cool. I have been looking for an idea for my Big Green Egg – does the roof allow the smoke to escape when you are doing a low and slow or does it tend to trap it?

Looks fantastic! Are there any plans for this? I’d love to have a go at building this

Angela Martin

Jonas Allen Can you make this for our house?

Ludivine Antunes Cocusse

Regarde Kevin Marronnier sa serai nikel pour le barbecue sa

Gail Davison


Lisa Flack

Lol not sure it would look like that xx

David Moreira


Sophie De Maeyer

Virginie Pégase on mettrait bien ça à la place de la paille dans la dernière partie de l’abri :D (bon pas sure que c’est hyper safe avec la paille à côté mais bon :p )

Nicki Cartlidge

I spy a Big Green Egg…def on my shopping list and would love to build something like this for it.

Kieran Bradley

Alexandra Dee I envisaged this where the BBQ is currently…

Alexandra Dee
Reply to  Kieran Bradley

No. Ahahaha I seen this picture and I’m like no.

Kieran Bradley
Reply to  Kieran Bradley


Tegan Jayde

Charlie DoubleYou I’ll build a new BBQ tabl

Tegan Jayde
Reply to  Tegan Jayde


Elizabeth Warr


Dianna Brewster Slone

Jason Hile. Your yard ?

Eric Engelman

Zachary Larsen Jason Engelman Kaitlyn Olson mom’s yard???

Kaitlyn Olson
Reply to  Eric Engelman

Ya a grilling station ? By the house.

Kaitlyn Olson
Reply to  Eric Engelman

Gonna need bigger wheels lol

Shaun Atkinson

Carmen Purnell want for outside

Carmen Purnell
Reply to  Shaun Atkinson

Thats cool

Kim Green

Susan and Mark , would look so cool at your place

John O Shea

Breda Power show this to denise



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