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L-shaped Pallet Bar Uses Small Areas Perfectly!

  • 2 pallets

  • medium

  • 7h

  • $65

Bend your elbow at this L-Shaped Pallet Bar! You only need two pallets to make a great corner cantina for your outdoor living spaces or man cave!

The best designs are straightforward ones like this L-Shaped Pallet Bar that you can recreate!

Supplies needed:

  • Circular saw
  • Hammer
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Palm sander
  • Nail gun
  • Safety glasses/gloves
  • Carpenter's wood glue
  • Wood stain & applicator
  • Polyurethane outdoor sealant
  • Rubber/nitrile gloves to protect hands while staining wood
  • 3" finish nails (for nail gun)
  • 3" wood screws
  • Two pallets (same size)
  • two 2" x 6" x16' boards - cut down to six 2"x 6" x 41" (trim pieces)
  • one 2" x 6" x 21" (right side shelf support)
  • two 2" x 6" x 18" pieces (left side supports)

I built this bar using two pallets that I set up into an "L" shape. I cut one pallet down vertically to fit my patio space. Next, I attached the two pallets together using 3" outdoor wood screws after pre-drilling to prevent splitting. I cut shelf supports and installed them with screws. Next, I cut two 2"x6" boards for the shelves and installed them with screws. Cut all the trim pieces as listed and install them using wood glue and a nail gun fitted with 3" finish nails.  Sand everything to your liking, remove the dust and stain (or paint) your bar. Finally, I woodburned a "Del Sur Cantina" sign for the front of the bar and installed with more finish nails.  Add beverages of your choice and let the fun begin!

Add a custom sign to the front of your L-Shaped Pallet Bar to let everyone know your motto, slogan, or hours of operation.
No bar is complete without something to customize it.
Don't be afraid to cut a pallet to adjust your L-Shaped Pallet Bar to the size you need. If you have a small patio corner, cut the pallets down! Simple!
Even if you have small spaces, create a roomy and functional bar by cutting the pallets to the size or height you want.
This L-Shaped Pallet Bar features two wide, roomy shelves that wrap around the L-shape to create lots of storage.
With two shelves, there is plenty of storage space and extra surfaces to create any drink you want.
This L-Shaped Pallet Bar is dog-approved, based on the pooch in the doorway supervising the photos.
You know you created something great when the dog approves. :D

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Brook Brent

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