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Pallet Stall Tool Shed Features Dutch Doors

  • 20 pallets

  • medium

  • 100h

  • $100

Like most of you, I have a backyard shed, but as my hobby interests grew, so did my collection of tools. I found myself building pallet carts for my power tools, so they were on wheels, which helped considerably, but I still always needed “the tool in the back of the shed.” This situation meant I had to unpack my shed daily for various projects. We came up with an idea to get around that issue by making my own Pallet Barn Stall Tool Shed. I was able to do this because of the Stanley Hardware sponsored program 1001pallets.com offered to all the U.S. crafters.

Although I'll describe my project in detail, you’ll have to adapt the idea to fit your yard and tool needs. You will most likely have to frame your structure differently. Use my project to plan out your own custom “Tool Barn” as we call it now. Be sure you check with our local code enforcement or planning/zoning department for requirements on sizes, easement requirements, etc. for sheds in your area.

Make your own handy Pallet Stall Tool Shed -  Tools & Supplies needed:

  • Ground-leveling tools (shovel, pickaxe, rake, wheelbarrow, straight long board, 36” bubble level, rototiller, etc.)
  • Personal Protective Equipment (safety glasses, respiratory protection, gloves, hearing protection, etc.)
  • Level
  • Hammer
  • Brad Nailer/nail gun & brads
  • Air Compressor (to power brad nailer)
  • Rubber mallet
  • Punch
  • Reciprocating Saw (we used a Milwaukee Sawzall with a Diablo Metal/Wood Blade)
  • Drill & various-sized bits
  • Impact driver
  • Socket set and hand wrenches for hardware
  • Table saw
  • Circular saw
  • Chop/Miter saw
  • Planer
  • Planer/Jointer
  • Random-orbit sander or palm sander
  • Wood clamps (any variety you prefer)
  • Wood glue
  • Caulking
  • Construction adhesive (We used 3M Grab-It)
  • Caulking gun
  • Painting supplies (brushes, roller, tray, can opening tool, drop cloth, etc.)
  • Wood screws (exterior)
  • Step ladder (if you’re short like me, haha)
  • Radio, knee pads or kneeling pads (not required, but makes an outdoor summer project in the dirt more pleasurable!)
  • 69 Cement pavers. We used 12” square ones available at the local home centers. You could leave your floors bare, cement them, or create a wooden floor
  • 4x8’ sheets of Plywood or other sheet wood like Chipboard - we used plywood/chipboard for rear wall and pallet wood for remaining exterior walls
  • Pallet wood: 1x4” boards, 1x6” boards, 4x4” posts (stringers), and 2x4” (for doors and part of frame)
  • Upcycled patio beams: 3”x3”x24’ boards (qty approx. 8 total) – rear wall frame, roofing frame and parts of other walls
  • Roofing material of your choice. We used Ondura Corrugated Asphalt Panel remnants & Ondura nails - follow Ondura's installation directions
  • Hinges (2 per door)
  • Handles/door pulls (1 per door)
  • Corner brackets (4 per door)
  • Lockable twist lock hasps (1 per door)
  • Washers/Exterior galvanized hex-head screws (to hold brackets in place)
  • 24” metal magnetic strips (6)
  • Shelving brackets (12)

Download this tutorial in PDF for FREE

Planning & Revamping Plans For My Pallet Tool Shed:

First, we decided on the size of the shed we needed. Originally I wanted more stalls, but wall thickness and cart sizes built for the tools meant I had to modify my plans. I ended up making more doors, which I like better than my original plan!

Design your Stall Tool Shed - and take your time!
Take your time in the design phase. It is easier to build it to your drawing than to have to correct or change on-the-fly.

Prepping the yard…where was a Bobcat when I needed one?

Leveling the ground for my Stall Tool Shed.
Spend time getting the ground level and sloped the way you need. It's worth it to have the shed sitting level for years to come, so the doors open simply!

Begin Installing Pavers (or flooring) of your choice.

We used 12”-square, 1.5” thick standard pavers you can get at home centers for under $1.00 apiece.

Make the foundation stable, and you'll have years of excellent service from your Stall Tool Shed.
You can add sand in between the pavers if you want, or use pallets for the flooring. Pour a cement slab if you have the time! Our hard-pack clay back yard is a stable surface that won't shift around.

Frame The Back Wall:

Framing out the back wall of your Stall Tool Shed.
Framing the back wall: I had long posts from an old patio awning that was torn down, so I didn't have to do the back wall in sections. I did use scrap plywood to cover the outside of it, though.

Add Side Wall & Roof Frame on your Stall Tool Shed:

Use sturdy 4x4" posts on the corners of your Stall Tool Shed
I used as many sturdy posts as I could but made sure we used the sturdiest 4x4" pallet stringers at the corners. I used some 3x3" posts, too.

Finish Framing The Front:

Complete framing out the front posts and header board of your Stall Tool Shed
I used as many 4x4" posts as I could, but didn't have enough for every door frame. I used 3x3" posts where I needed.

Add Roofing Material (can be done later, but we wanted the shade):

Add the roof to your Stall Tool Shed. Use whatever materials you choose.
You don't have to do the roofing next, but we had some storms coming in, and it was handy to have the roof on for shade AND a place to push the tools in a hurry. You can do the roof at the end if you prefer.

Prep up your siding wood... you'll need a lot if you make a larger Stall Tool Shed!

We used at least 15 pallets to create this Stall Tool Shed. We used the shavings for mulch around some of mu shrubs.
We dismantled at least 15 pallets - but it may have been more. Some were 1x4" boards, and others were 1x6" boards. We used a mix of poplar, pine, fir, oak, and maple.

Build The Doors:

Begin planing down all the wood you need for your Stall Tool Shed.
We wanted to make the doors as lightweight as possible, so there would be minimal stress on the whole frame. We used 1x4 and 1x6" boards, and planed them all down to the same thickness.

Install The Doors:

We had to make some minor adjustments for warped boards when installing the doors on our Stall Tool Shed.
After you build the doors, start mounting them.

Add Siding!

Add siding to your Stall Tool Shed.
It's a wrap! Time to cover the shed with siding.

Seal & Paint The Interior!

Seal and paint the interior of your Stall Tool Shed.
Yeah, the color isn't the best inside, but it was free. It is a high-quality, exterior latex paint.

Install Exterior Hardware on your Stall Tool Shed:

Install your exterior hardware for the doors on your Stall Tool Shed.
Follow the manufacturer's instructions for hardware installation. We used Stanley Hardware, and it came out very nice!

Add Interior Touches:

Add interior features YOU need to customize the Stall Tool Shed any way you need.
We added a shelf across the entire length of the shed, using Stanley shelving brackets. We also added several sets of Stanley magnetic strips to the doors for easy access to blade release tools, saw blades, and more.
Your Stall Tool Shed is complete. Time to move in!
DONE! Time to move those tools in. You can see our table saw in the open stall. :D

Paint Or Seal It, And You're DONE!

Stall Tool Shed side view.
Side View. We used mostly Poplar on this side. We sealed the exterior with a high-quality, UV-resistant clear polyurethane.
Front view of my Stall Tool Shed featuring Stanley Hardware and a semi-gloss forest green trim paint.
Then we painted the front posts with a forest green semi-gloss exterior trim paint.
Stanley Tools can help you get organized and have a neat Stall Tool Shed.
Stanley shelf brackets and magnetic strips allow us to have our shed neatly organized, and everything you need is easily within reach. Just the way you want your Stall Tool Shed to be!

Bask in the glory of completing a major project when you make your own Stall Tool Shed.
DONE. This project took a few months off and on just working a day or two on some weekends... but it is so worth it. We had inclement weather and a surgery that delayed this project.

Download this tutorial in PDF for FREE

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