by Ryan Seymour

Eli’s Pallet Shack

Just a simple play shack that I built for my one year old son.

Eli’s Pallet Shack Fun Pallet Crafts for Kids Pallet Sheds, Cabins, Huts & Playhouses

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Anne Pappas

Dom Curnow love the roof garden!!!

David Murrin

My kids would love this but we live in deep south louisiana and on the water we get snakes in the yard all the time something like this would be a haven for snakes and wasp

Reply to  David Murrin

Hmm…. don’t have a snake-proof solution for you, but if you come up with one, it’d be a great project and we’d love to see it! -HS.

Jacquie Brooke

Plus a herb garden for Kate lol

Graham Fisher

Elle Gent

Pene Lope

Rhian Burnett Michelle Flannery xx

Vicki Brown

Kenny Gordon

Eloïse Kepinski

C pour toi Fabien Pradier

Eh Jo

Une idée pour notre futur jardin! Moo Ky

Claire Lindsay

John O’Rafferty
James Mc Dermott-O’Rafferty

Rollande Pilbrow

Fun for toddlers


I really wish I could do things like this. I just love it!

Andrew Howard

Reckon he’d give it an attempt, what it ends up looking like though…

Fred West

Its holey

Stephanie Michelle West
Stephanie Michelle West

Fred West here’s a club house for the kids….

Arlette Hevin

adorable petite cabane, merci !!

Francoise Truche
Francoise Truche

idem dommage cette tole dessus ça gache le charme , parce que c’est bien mignon !

Jean-Luc Gestreau
Jean-Luc Gestreau

pas mal, mais la tôle ondulée en toiture ça me gêne un peu ….

Guong Dang
Guong Dang

Pas mal du tout!!


any directions, cut list, or/and tool list? I would love to build this!


This is great! Much more interesting than a cube! What are the dimensions? i.e. height?

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