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Yardzee Pallet Dice Set With Scorecard Storage Bucket

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Put those electronics aside and have a family fun night with this Yardzee Pallet Dice Set, complete with an upcycled, 80-yr-old oak storage bucket and acrylic, reusable scorecard.

Yardzee Pallet Dice Set:

I made this dice set from pallet blocks and did a contrasting wood and copper-trimmed inlay. This was a gift for a friend with young children, and this drove many product decisions. I used ONLY heat-treated pallets, PureColor's sustainable, kid-safe stains and sealers. Finally, I used Howard brand Feed-N-Wax to protect the dice, since it only contains bee’s wax, carnauba wax and orange oil.

Kicking the bucket:

Next, I made the storage and shaking/tossing bucket from upcycled painter’s easels. I found these in the wood-recycling pile at a local community college, and they were approximately 80 years old! I thoroughly sanded them, cut them to length, and used a bit of pallet plywood to create the circular base. Next, I put the slats around the edge of the circle with finish nails, and a hidden wire was installed through the rim. Additionally, I used copper pipe strap and made handles from more pallet wood scraps. I installed the handles with four hex bolts, eight washers, and four nylon washers total. Finally, I stained and glazed the bucket and handles using Pure Color stains & sealers in French Oak, Lava, and Marsala.

The scorecard & lid:

I made the scorecard from a piece of acrylic. I hand-etched it in French with a rotary tool and a diamond tip blade. Additionally, I made the lid from pine, poplar and oak pieces, and dowelled them together. I used locking hooks and eyes to secure the lid in place for storage. Plus, hang the lid up while in use. Use dry-erase markers and easily keep score and reuse it over and over. I stained the scorecard for ease of reading with PureColor’s “Inkblot” stain.

Want a set of your own but don’t want to make it? Contact me!

If you are interested in ordering a set, please feel free to contact me. The prices are based on options/complexity (with inlay or without, with storage bucket or storage box, with or without an acrylic scorecard, etc.). Email me at 1001pallets.heatherstiletto@gmail.com

Yardzee Pallet Dice Set1

Yardzee Pallet Dice Set2
Yardzee dice with contrasting wood plugs and copper inlay. Some featuring unique wood pieces, including knots, finger-joined redwood, and redwood and oak.

Yardzee Pallet Dice Set3

Yardzee Pallet Dice Set4
This is the natural beauty of the wood, with only Howard Feed-N-Wax used to protect it. The inlaid redwood is stained with PureColor's line of sustainable, no-VOC stains. This wood displays some natural spalting.
Yardzee Pallet Dice Set5
Finger-joined redwood, surrounded by a copper inlay.
Yardzee Pallet Dice Set6
Quarter-sawn "tiger" oak and redwood inlay dots, encased in a shiny copper inlay.

Yardzee Pallet Dice Set7

Yardzee Pallet Dice Set8

Yardzee Pallet Dice Set9
Lid with inset acrylic scorecard, made with oak, poplar and pine pieces, featuring small redwood and oak keys on the exterior surfaces, as well as dowel pins.

Yardzee Pallet Dice Set10

One good outdoor project deserves another - what about a cool Playhouse?

Bio: I'm a Licensed Vocational Nurse in Southern California, and enjoy woodworking with pallets. I've mad... read more

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