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Safety Glasses by Safetygearpro.com - Product Review

Dorky or Dashing? Suave or Silly? The reality is that both are fine unless one description makes you less safe. I’m talking about Safety Glasses, of course! Remember the days of the horrible, yet functional safety glasses that you’ve seen? You know what I’m talking about. See any 1980’s science-based movie, and you’ve seen them. Huge, wrap-around, and functional, but just too embarrassingly ugly.

Safety Glasses2Safety Glasses3

And the worst part is that if you were a guest anywhere that required safety gear, you noticed that all the staff had cool styles, and you got those big behemoths to wear. They did it because the stylish ones used to be expensive. NOT ANYMORE! You can get cutting-edge style with top-of-the-line protection for your most precious asset at safetygearpro.com!

Safety Glasses – why is a crafting inspiration site nagging the general public?

Safety Glasses13



Gruesome, right? But I bet I have your attention now! I apologize for the graphic photos, but you MUST know the risks, and we’re sincerely hoping you’ll take this post to heart.

The reason for this product review was direct because of a mishap one of our Crafters had. This Crafter was dismantling pallets, and a shard of the hammer broke loose and embedded itself into their eye, cutting their eyelid too! They had to have emergency surgery, but that’s not the worst part! The first surgery was to stabilize the lid and eye - the surgeon couldn’t remove the object at the time, and the Crafter is facing a second surgery! The Crafter also admitted to having forgotten their safety glasses in the garage and didn’t bother going back for them. They asked us to spread the word, and we’re taking their request to heart. We at 1001pallets.com wish our dear Crafter a speedy recovery and hope that we hear updates!

Safety Glasses – Psh! I wear sunglasses!

Safety Glasses6

Dear Crafters, sunglasses are NOT safety glasses. You can get safety glasses that are dark-tinted – so much so that you can weld in them – but your sexy, designer glasses aren’t enough to stop a cutting disc if it shatters and goes flying, or a shard of a hammer that whizzes at your eye. They won’t stop flying nails either. They’re designed for UV protection. Now I’m not saying you don’t need that too, but you can get it all and still rock a good look.

Safety Glasses – I can’t afford the "good ones!"

Safety Glasses7

You can get safety glasses that are comfortable, stylish, and come in an array of colors and options for under 20 bucks! You can get them with various requirements to meet your job’s needs. They have men's and women's lines, and offer a variety of tints and even mirrored finishes.



Plus – and this is my favorite – you can get PRESCRIPTION SAFETY GLASSES FOR UNDER 50 BUCKS! It’s funny how we rationalize not spending money on safety glasses, but we’ll buy coffee every morning, and download games and other apps like crazy, isn’t it?

Safety Glasses 9


Safety Glasses – Why safetygearpro.com?

Safety Glasses12

I always read a company's mission statement and the statements on their front pages, and safetygearpro.com lives up to its hype. I received two pairs of regular, non-prescription glasses as a sample, and I was SHOCKED at the quality difference. First, they looked cool! Second, they fit WELL, at the temples and over the ears where hearing protection will sit. Third, the lenses were ridiculously clear! I first thought they sent me samples of just the frames and put a fingerprint on one immediately. Then, I realized that they simply use a better quality lens product, and they’re polished to a higher level than the cheap glasses.  I can’t wait to get a pair of Rx glasses because the big two discount eyewear sites don’t deal with true safety glasses.  Safetygearpro.com does – and has a large variety of options! No more cheapie, uncomfortable glasses for me!


Safety Glasses – safetygearpro.com is more than safety glasses too!

Safety Glasses11

By the way, they’re NOT just safety glasses. They’re a safety GEAR site! They’ve got all the good stuff and can outfit a Pallet Crafter with no problems. You can protect yourself top-to-bottom, front-to-back at their site and save money with high-quality products that’ll last a long time! Remember, you’re worth the investment in safety. We want all of you around for a very long time.

Heather Stiletto – Nurse, and pallet crafter.

Bio: I'm a Licensed Vocational Nurse in Southern California, and enjoy woodworking with pallets. I've mad... read more

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Dennis C.
Dennis C.

Not sure what all the negative reviews are about! Might be competitors bashing the company. I ordered prescription polarized fishing glasses 10 days ago and got them today. (6-26-2019). Cost was just over $150.00 which beat the competition. Glasses were just what I expected……good looking glasses that really reduce the glare significantly. I couldn’t be more happy!

Sheerin B
Sheerin B

I just got my glasses, they are perfect for me and my round face. My prescription was exact and the quality is good.


The glasses from this company are so small and do not cover the eyes completely. They are not safe. If you are thinking about buying these to be safely working, DON’T!! The return policy is not flexible either. They force you to buy a new pair from them… why would I when they are also small and not safe? The customer service basically disconnected me and refused to respond to my problem. Horrible!


Amazing company and best quality safety eyeglasses. I got mine with rx in 10 days.


Safety gear pro is probably the worst eye glasses company I have ever done business with. First of all it took 4 weeks for them to send me my safety glasses and then when I get them they aren’t even the right prescription. I call them and they say they will expedite the process to get the right ones back to me as quickly as possible. Still waiting after two weeks and multiple times I have been told that I would get a call back and have not received one. Six weeks now waiting to get safety glass it should… Read more »

Sumit Mishra


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