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Help Us Get Back on Pinterest

Yesterday, we discovered an unpleasant surprise: Pinterest has flagged our website, 1001Pallets.com, and they removed all our pins from their Network: “Blacklisted” as they call it :(

It is now not possible to pin from our website or find 1001Pallets.com on Pinterest; our account was also suspended. We received emails from some of our fellow pinners that they are not able to repin our content anymore, and this is the reason why.

Some people were unhappy cause they saw a lot of our pictures at Pinterest, they reported our site, and Pinterest removed us from the platform. We never published, and we will never publish spam content or content that could go against the policy of Pinterest which are the same policy that we follow at 1001Pallets. We think that we are the victim of the Pinterest Mafia or Lazy scammers as explained in this article from Hibusiness: Website Marked As SPAM on Pinterest? The Mafia Is Doing It

That is why, we are seeking for help from you, our community and all our friends to get back on Pinterest! If you have a Pinterest account and have two minutes of your time, we would be very grateful for your help. Please follow the steps below by sending an email to Pinterest, and ask them to remove 1001pallets.com from their blacklist, to return all our pins back so that we can share our content which is also YOUR content with our community on Pinterest again.

Here is How To Contact Pinterest (And Help Us)

Click on this URL: https://help.pinterest.com/en/contact

Select the following options (also shown in the image below):

Pick a topic..  select Reporting Something

Tell us more.. select Pinterest removed a Pin/board

Click the red button below: I still need help

Help Us Get Back on Pinterest Other Pallet Projects

On the right you will be able to ask Pinterest to unblock 1001Pallets.com, so all of us will be able to share pins again. You can add a title to your message and a description. In the description box, you will be able to write your message and show your support for 1001Pallets.com. After all, click the red button Submit…

Help Us Get Back on Pinterest Other Pallet Projects

We strongly believe that by joining forces we can get back on Pinterest and share great content again. Thank you for your help!

Dimitri, Quentin, Heather

[UPDATE 10.11.2016]: Pinterest unblocked our website, and we also recovered our account! We would like to send a big hug to all of you, for your help & support and all those kind words you sent to use through emails & Facebook! We are the best community of the world, and we are now full of energy to continue to work for you and will try our best to gives you, even more, ideas, projects, tips on recycled pallet projects & more generally around woodworking!

May the Pallet force be with you, Pallet Crafters from all around the world!


Bio: Engineer, Co-founding partner of 1001Pallets. I earned my Engineer degree in Aeronautics & spatial t... read more

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sherena haigler
sherena haigler

i did not check if you were blocked but i told them how much i love your site/app. i hope it helps. thanks for so many great ideas. it is stress relieving to build with wood and my own two hands. keel the great ideas coming!

Matt Tyree
Matt Tyree

I just received an email from someone at Pinterest. You are unblocked now!


Matt Tyree
Matt Tyree

I just contacted Pinterest through the Help section like you showed, so let’s hope this is resolved soon!



Thank you so much for your support and help – we appreciate it! We’re not going to give up without a fight, that’s for sure. You all are worth it! :-D

Kellie Alexander

So many great things get banned for no good reason! Hopeful they will get it straightened out soon.

1001 Pallets

Thanks Kelli, we hope to…it’s sad to see that after working so much to create a nice community on their platform, they kick you out without any justification :(

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