Other Pallet ProjectsQuirky, Eclectic Pallet Wall Decor/Key Holder

Quirky, Eclectic Pallet Wall Decor/Key Holder

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This simple Eclectic Pallet Wall Decor/Key Holder makes great use of those scrap pieces left over from other pallet projects. There wasn’t much work done to it. It took more time for the glue to dry than anything else.

Eclectic Pallet Wall Decor/Key Holder:

I sanded the edges of pallet planks so that they weren’t sharp smoothed the surfaces a bit. Additionally, I sanded over the corners a bit to create a contrasting color. Next, I cut them up to the desired size and carefully arranged them to my liking. I glued along all the joints and gently clamped overnight and allowed the piece to dry. Finally, I added a few little shelves, cutting triangles as shelf supports and used a horseshoe with long nails as a good luck key holder. Now I have a place for my glasses, keys, and a few other little things.

Quirky, Eclectic Pallet Wall Decor/Key Holder Other Pallet Projects

Great idea! Don’t forget about the most important room in the house with this easy TP holder. :)

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