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15 School Days Pallet Project Craze!

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It's that time of year to send your little ones back to school. Make the transition from summer fun with a kid-friendly School Days Pallet Project! Have the kids join in and learn some woodshop skills, too!

With chalkboards, desks, storage options and more to select, it's time to build a School Days Pallet Project!

Adapt this SuperHero Chalkboard to your children's favorite characters! Make everyone wonder which superhero you are with this Pallet Chalkboard. Adapt this idea to any theme your little ones would love.

A School Days Pallet Project like this superhero-themed chalkboard is a great way to get the kids excited about back-to-school.

Add a touch of class, or merely stabilize an involved joint. This Bowtie Chalkboard idea is attractive enough to be used in a kitchen, too! Use this chalkboard in a home office, a garage or work shed also!

School Days Pallet Project ideas like this bowtie-inlay chalkboard can be great for any room of the house where you need to share information or make lists.

Don't forget to give the kids a place to relax from all that homework and studying! This Pallet Picnic Table & SandBox is just the ticket! Don't forget to take a break and have some fun. Make this convertible picnic table for homework, parties, and just good ol' fun!

This convertible pallet picnic table hides a fun sandbox under the table. A perfect School Days Pallet Project.

Make the most of smaller bedrooms with this convertible Wall-Hung Desk & Chalkboard idea. A convertible desk makes excellent use of small spaces. Have more play area when you fold this desk away.

This convertible folding wall-hung pallet desk is a great School Days Pallet Project to make use of small spaces.

Make a teenager's room more functional for those late-night cram sessions with this King-Size Loft Bed & Desk Pallet Project. Get the most out of a small bedroom by building up instead of packing furniture against everything else. This king-sized loft is suitable for a king... or prince/princess!

This raised king-size pallet loft features a beautiful desk underneath. A gorgeous School Days Pallet Project.

This Kid's Play Area features a tremendous outdoor chalkboard. Perfect for helping the kids with their homework while enjoying the fall weather! With home-schooling on the rise, enjoy the outdoors for some of those science lessons.

A School Days Pallet Project perfect for home-schoolers, this outdoor pallet bench and chalkboard set is perfect.

With back-to-school time, morning organization is vital. We've got Easy Entryway Organizers made with one pallet and Large Entryway Storage Solutions for growing families! Grand or small, you can organize it all with these Pallet Ideas!

Two projects for School Days Pallet Project inspiration: a large entryway organizer and a single-pallet organizer too!

Save money and make a piece of furniture that'll last for years, like this Pallet Kid's Desk. A beautiful desk that will last for years. Put it to use in a hobby room, home office, or work area too!

A beautiful School Days Pallet Project: a pallet desk that features the gorgeous natural grain of pallet wood.

This Corner Desk & Bench unit could be adapted for a family area, and even be used in a kitchen or dining room to help parents watch their kids! This corner desk unit makes excellent use of small spaces. Use it in a dining area for a place to have a quick snack, or even in a work area or hobby room!

Make study time adorable with this little Puppy Lamp.

This School Days Pallet Project is too precious: a little puppy-dog lamp to make your desk time more fun!
Awww! <3

If your kid likes to study in front of the TV with the family, make them a Folding Lap Table! Make homework mobile, and use those pallet scraps for this folding lap desk.

A School Days Pallet Project that makes you or your kids mobile for study time.

Cuteness overload: We've got a DIY Video Tutorial for a Pallet Pencil Box made by a little girl that your children can make too. This project is a must-watch DIY Video Tutorial! Any kid can make this (parents, please supervise your little ones).

There is nothing better than a simple Pencil Box as a fun School Days Pallet Project.

This outstanding Corner Desk Unit is ideal for your young ones or for that office when you send them off to college. Celebrate the day your teens go off to college, and make that dream workspace with pallets!

A School Days Pallet Project for YOU when you send the kids off to college. Make yourself a gorgeous pallet office desk set.

With the volume of homework, and needing multiple flash drives, this DIY Video Tutorial for a USB Expander is just in time! Geek or Nerd out with this brilliant USB expander.

A perfect School Days Pallet Project for that nerd in the family - make this USB expander.

Make the kiddies look forward to going to bed early on school nights with this precious Bunk Bed Playhouse idea. No more arguments about bedtimes when you build this Pallet Bunk Bed project.

You'll never have to argue with the kids again when you make a School Days Pallet Project like this bunk bed set.

These outstanding projects are only a small sampling of ideas you can adapt to make back-to-school an excellent experience for you and yours! Happy Palleting!

Bio: I'm a Licensed Vocational Nurse in Southern California, and enjoy woodworking with pallets. I've mad... read more

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