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Convertible Pallet Lounge Set

By Adopteunecaisse

When is a pallet table not a table? When the table converts to a Pallet Bench, of course! This DIY Video Tutorial will teach you how to make this Convertible […]

Pallet Patio Table Features Central Fire Pit

By JoeJones

Octagon picnic table with center fire pit.

15 School Days Pallet Project Craze!

By HeatherStiletto

It’s that time of year to send your little ones back to school. Make the transition from summer fun with a kid-friendly School Days Pallet Project! Have the kids join in […]

Wicked-cool Spool Stowaway Pallet Stool Project / Touret électrique Et Tabourets En Palettes

By Neokentin

Pour des apéros en face à face

Patio Pallet Dining Table Set

Patio Pallet Dining Table Set

By Neokentin

Looking for something unique and came up with an idea and how I made it.


Pallet Children’s Picnic Table For Ten Bucks!

By Neokentin

I want to share my second job with the wood of pallets, a simple picnic table for children.

Heavy-duty Pallet Kaleidoscope Dining Table

By Neokentin

This unique, heavy-duty, metal-framed Pallet Kaleidoscope Dining Table Is an absolute stunner! We covered the entire table top with a thick layer of epoxy to get that gorgeous, high-gloss sheen. […]


Adorable Children’s Pallet Picnic Table / Petite Table Avec Bancs En Palette

By Neokentin

We made this Children’s Pallet Picnic Table using a large 200 x 120cm (approx. 78.75″ x 47.25″) pallet.  This bench measures 100 x 56 cm (approx. 39.25″ x  22″), which is […]


Kids Pallet Picnic Table / Table De Pique Nique Pour Enfants

By teddy5922

We wanted to make a table that would fit children of all ages. This Kids Pallet Picnic Table fits the bill perfectly. A little more about our Kids Pallet Picnic Table: […]


Petite Pallet Picnic Table

By Neokentin

I made this Petite Pallet Picnic Table because I wanted a bench that is small enough for children but also big enough to let adults sit as well. It took […]


Kids Pallet Picnic/Sand Table

By Neokentin

I have never done a project out of wood before. But I saw a sand table on Pinterest and wanted to try to make my own Kids Pallet Picnic/Sand Table […]


Kids Pallet Sandbox Picnic Table

By Kyle Seaney

Pallet crafters love the idea of saving money, as well as creative use of space and supplies. Here’s a brilliant idea: a Kids Pallet Sandbox Picnic Table! I built this […]

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