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Make Coasters from Pallet Wood


It’s fun & easy project you can do with the kids, for personal use or to sell.

Original Pallet Clocks

By richpeirce

I have a client with a gift shop and I have found out that people love clocks. What is better than a clock made out of recycled pallets?

Dinosaur Bookend with a Two-color Repurposed Pallet Block

By Reusine

When we dismantle wood pallets, we have lots of creative possibilities using its wooden planks but we do not think about the blocks of wood that are inserted between the […]

Diy: Pallet Mobile Phone, Pen & Remote Control Holder Box

By tarantula3

In this project, I will show you how to make a mobile phone, pen & remote control holder box from a single piece of pallet wood. Materials Needed Pallet Wood […]

The Pallet Punisher Wall Art: DIY Video Tutorial!

By Dark_Horse_Woodworking

The symbol for the Punisher made with pallet wood.

Pallet Tablet Bookstand: Inspired By Viking Chair!

By Neokentin

My son was looking for an iPad stand so he could FaceTime his friends, most iPad stands are desk mounted so you have to look down on them, this on provides height and looks cool!

Pallet Wood Heart-shaped Wall Art: Save The Date!

By Neos

A commission made for a Ruby Wedding Anniversary

Assorted Pallet Fall Decor Ideas Add Rustic Charm

By azmomof5

I used some pallets to create a few different Pallet Fall Decor Ideas. My latest creation is a “Happy Fall, Y’all!” sign that I display outside. This idea is a […]

Pallet States, Pallet Provinces: Show Your Pride

By Neokentin

I used many scrap pieces from a tiny-house build and decided to turn them into some wall art. I made these Pallet States & Pallet Provinces by gluing those strips […]

Use The Pallet Force: Sci-fi Pallet Candle Holders

By LesAteliersduPoM

Make creative Sci-fi Pallet Candle Holders for that intergalactic fan in your life! I was inspired by a galaxy far, far away, and made these Star Wars-inspired set of tea […]

Pallet Woven Deco Frame: Fun Project With Kids!

By lapalettedesbricoleurs

Watch my DIY Video Tutorial and make a Pallet  Woven Deco Frame. This home decor idea is a perfect project to create with the kids! Make wall art and memories […]

Unbelievable Pallet Block Art Pieces!

By palletmanmark

I wanted to find another use for the blocks of wood pallets are constructed from, so I carved this.

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