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Pallet Tablet Bookstand: Inspired By Viking Chair!

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This simple, two-hour Pallet Tablet Bookstand uses pallet wood cutoffs that are approximately 30cm long and 12cm wide. Scale this project to whatever size you need. Scale this project up to a full-sized, adult chair (also known as a bog or star-gazer chair). The concept is simple: two boards intersect at an angle. The project does require a few woodworking skills but can be made entirely from conventional hand-tools. This idea is handy in any room of the house, including sitting on a pallet headboard!

Make a beautiful, rustic Pallet Tablet Bookstand inspired by a Viking Chair!

I joined this project together through a mortise & tenon joint. I cut a square hole in one board and a corresponding tongue in the other board. The Tenon or 'tongue,' cut from the second board goes through the hole. If made correctly, no glue or fasteners are required. If your cuts aren't precise, reinforce the joint with a small wedge tapped into the gap.

Marking out the Pallet Tablet Bookstand before cutting:

I took the first board and measured 10 cm from the bottom, and drew a line across the board. Next, I marked the center of the line and 20cm to either side. Then I made the second line the thickness of the second board (19mm) parallel to the first line. I extended the marks to make a 4cm by 19mm box. This is the hole I cut out. On the second board, I again made a line at 10 cm, marked the center and the marked 2cm either side. Then I extended the 2cm line to the end of the board. This is the Tennon on the project.

Start cutting the Pallet Tablet Bookstand:

I made the mortise or hole by chiseling vertically down on the box line before carving out the opening. Next, I cut the tongue out with a rip saw on the second piece. I marked the line with a knife to ensure a straight line. Once cut out, just slot the Tenon through the mortise. My mortise was 0.5cm too big, so to make the joint secure I inserted a wedge.

Finishing the Pallet Tablet Bookstand:

I coated the stand with spray primer, then rubbed it down Next, I then applied a very light'dusting' coat of white and finally stenciled a Celtic design in black. Add a custom-made lamp for easy evening reading, and your project is complete!

Build a Pallet Tablet Bookstand
The pallet tablet stand works great!
Applying the stencil to the top of the Pallet Tablet Bookstand.
Applying the stencil to the top of the stand.
Pallet Tablet Bookstand has a stenciled design of a celtic knot.
Add a stencil like this Celtic design and customize the tablet stand precisely the way you want.
Trimming hte tenon-portion of the joint for this Pallet Tablet Bookstand.
Trimming the tenon-portion of the joint.
Pallet Tablet Bookstand is complete.
The stand is complete. If the joint is a bit loose, add a small wedge.
The completed Pallet Tablet Bookstand.
My completed tablet stand.



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