Pallet Home Décor IdeasPallet Home AccessoriesSimple Pallet Christmas Tree

Simple Pallet Christmas Tree

For next Christmas we’ve made a simple pallet Christmas tree using rough pallet boards, just cut the edges at 45° and make a simple base. We’ve also used the first nails so it is all recycled..:-) Decorated with oak balls…

Simple Pallet Christmas Tree Pallet Home Accessories

Simple Pallet Christmas Tree Pallet Home Accessories

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Karin Holzer

Gregor Holzer ! Kannst mir so was machen?

Serge Lemaire
Serge Lemaire

il a copié sur le pylône de derrière lol

Kerstin Al Mashni

Bin froh, dass erstmal Sommer kommt! Wer will denn jetzt an Weihnachten denken??


I hope you can see this. I did the same thing but instead of keeping with natural wood I painted and added Christmas bulbs. Please see link below.

Isabelle Larini

Quand y auras plus de sapin vert on feras avec du recyclable

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