Pallet Home Décor Ideas7 Ways to Incorporate Repurposed Pallets In Your Home

7 Ways to Incorporate Repurposed Pallets In Your Home

Generally found on loading docks and warehouses, pallets have become extremely popular to craftsmen and novice DIYers alike. These versatile wooden blocks can be repurposed into almost anything you can think of in order to help beautify your home, both on the inside and on the outside. With just a little creativity and a possible trip to the hardware store, you can create some pretty neat home furnishings to spruce up your home.

Having trouble deciding what you should make? Check out this list of DIY pallet ideas that your home could use!

Headboard and Bed Frame

Pallets can be used to build both your headboard and bed frame to create a rustic look you’ll love. As a bedframe, you can position your pallets strategically to also incorporate storage space. When using pallets for a headboard, you can mount the pallets to the wall after they’ve been sanded down and stained. Once the pallets have been mounted, add hanging lights to finish the look.

Coffee Table

Before you go out and spend money on a new coffee table, why not make one of your own? Add an industrial look to your living room by turning repurposed pallets into a coffee table. They can be stacked to add a place for magazines and the remote. Pallet coffee tables can be painted any color to match your room, but look nice painted white.

Book Shelves and Reading Nook

Need a place for your kid’s books? Repurposed pallets can be created into hanging bookshelves that are perfect for holding books. Plus, using a corner wall, pallets can be placed together to build a cozy little reading nook everyone in the house will love.

Patio Sofa

Thinking of ways to spruce up your patio? Use pallets to create a patio sofa! This simple DIY will turn your patio into an inviting space. Decorate it with fun cushions and pillows, like these from April & Oak, and you’ll have a place to lounge all summer long.

7 Ways to Incorporate Repurposed Pallets In Your Home Pallet Home Décor Ideas
Easy Pallet Corner Sofa

Kitchen Decor

Is your kitchen in need of a little revamping? Pallets look great in a farmhouse or rustic styled kitchens. They can be crafted into shelves to display your favorite dining plates. Plus, if you have space, turn repurposed pallets into a food storage shelf to hold cooking herbs and spices.

Pendant Light Box

If the lighting above your dining room table or kitchen island needs some sprucing up, build a pendant lightbox that can be mounted to the ceiling. A lightbox made out of pallets is an inexpensive alternative to other design ideas that will add unique character and style you can’t find anywhere else.

Home Office Organizer

Create a home office space that is organized and stylish with repurposed pallets. Pallets can be made into a desk organizer that can be hung on the wall behind your desk. This way you have everything at arms reach, while also adding some fun office decor to your room. You can decorate your organizer with pictures, supplies, and small plants.

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