7 Ways to Incorporate Repurposed Pallets In Your Home

By Neokentin

Generally found on loading docks and warehouses, pallets have become extremely popular to craftsmen and novice DIYers alike. These versatile wooden blocks can be repurposed into almost anything you can […]

Simple Pallet Frame

By dbnikoos

Simple frame from pallet wood. The back isn’t pretty as my joinery skills are wonky. I kept it rough, but the better half may have me come back and sand […]

Simple Mitered Pallet Planter

By Silpe91

Square planter with angled walls for a simple and rustic planter or “bowl”.

How I Made a Wooden Pallet Shelf from a Single Pallet

By DJHydron

The shelf is made of a single, ordinary wooden pallet. Each board is hand-sanded. The boards are joined by nails and wood screws. After that, the shelf is painted with […]

How I Make This Pallet Rope Shelves

By Mr.HangerMan

Hi, I’m Peter and I would like to share with you my attempt to make a rope shelf out of pallet wood. Have you ever wonder how all those Lovely […]

Using Your Old Pallets to Build a Barn Door

By Neokentin

There are many ways in which people across the USA are using their old pallets they receive daily to make practical things for use around the house. It is amazing […]

Pallet Cosplay Builds Display Hutch

By petrovich.23

I made a small hutch to display for my cosplay builds. It’s a simple build, made from salvaged pallet wood from a construction site. Two uprights and two shelves. The […]

Practical Ways to Use Wall Shelves to Personalize a Dorm Space

By Neokentin

We all know how cramped for space a dorm can be. Sometimes the room is so small that you barely have any place to display all your amazing art, pictures, […]

Top Tips on How to Upcycle Wooden Pallets in Order to Create Stylish and Useful Storage Spaces in Your Home

By Neokentin

If you’re a fan of reading blogs online, chances are you’ll have seen loads about the whole “fixer-upper” trend that is rife in the home décor department right now. It’s […]

Pallet Tea Candle Holders


I made these tea candle holders from recycled pallet wood blocks. I painted them with Enviro-Safe UO furniture paint & stains. Then, I sealed with UO satin top coat. The […]

Pallet Shadow Box Wall Lamp Project


Grandson’s room needed a light over his bed. He is a train nut. We found a “Lantern” style wall lamp. Instead of a complete Pallet Wood wall, we chose to put a “Shadow Box” around the lamp.

Rustic Pallet Wood Wall Clock

By jballone

Time is fleeting, which is why a fast Pallet Wood Wall Clock is a terrific project to do. This charming idea is another kid-friendly project to build. Follow these simple […]

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