Other Pallet ProjectsWooden Pallet: 10 Uses for Your Home Decoration

Wooden Pallet: 10 Uses for Your Home Decoration

Ecological, economical, and easy to obtain, the wooden pallet is the ally of a recycled decoration that has style. Here are 10 clever ways, to recycle and divert this essential item.

Up-cycling is the new eco-responsible trend! Translated literally, upcycling is the action of “recycling upwards.” It consists of diverting a common object into a functional or decorative object and giving it a second youth.

Where to find wooden pallets?

Wooden pallets, standard size 120 x 80 cm, initially used on construction sites or deliveries, are found just about everywhere. Some are left in the garbage in front of stores or the parking lots of shopping malls. Shopkeepers easily donate them, ask them for information. Also, your city’s garbage dump can turn out to be a gold mine of unused pallets. The only condition for recovering one of these pallets is to make sure that the mark that appears on the wood is HT, meaning that the pallet has been treated thermally against insects and not chemically. From there, let your imagination run wild or be inspired by the ideas we have spotted for you. More info on where to find wood pallets.

A coffee table

Indispensable for the living room, the coffee table goes into recovery mode with the help of two industrial pallets. We think about fixing them together, and don’t hesitate to add four wheels for more practical and convenient use. Left untreated for a 100% recycling style or painted in the colors of your living room, this coffee table will not go unnoticed.

A practical headboard

Set vertically between the wall and the bed, the pallet makes an original and very natural headboard. Books can also be slipped in, and a reading light or a light wall lamp can be attached to it. A little sanding and a coat of varnish will be essential.

A wooden box spring

Often expensive, the bed base can be made up of several wooden pallets attached (and on top of each other, depending on the desired height). If space permits, why not choose a bed base larger than the size of your bed to create a stylish platform? Here again, sanding followed by a coat of varnish is essential to avoid injuries with possible splinters.

Wooden Pallet: 10 Uses for Your Home Decoration Other Pallet Projects

A closed chest of drawers

A little DIY will be necessary to make a beautiful chest of drawers, but the investment will not be in vain. Adapt the number of pallets to stack according to the number of drawers you want and have fun with paint.

Wooden Pallet: 10 Uses for Your Home Decoration Other Pallet Projects
Dresser With 12 Drawers

A shoe cabinet

Very easy to make, this shoe cabinet will be a real space saver at home and will be very useful for those who don’t like to see shoes lying around in the entrance hall.

A garden furniture set

Both bohemian and chic, this garden furniture in pallet will dress your terrace, balcony, or even your indoor living room. Many pallets are useful to make up this seating, but think of the savings you will make! Throw in some cushions and plaids for a cocoon atmosphere.

A vertical vegetable garden

You don’t need a large garden to enjoy a vegetable garden. A vertical wooden pallet is enough to grow a few aromatic herbs. On a balcony or even indoors with some cacti and depolluting plants, you can adopt this vegetable garden.

A swing

To ensure naps and moments of idleness for young and old, bet on this hanging bench. Once sanded, varnished, and dressed with a mattress and a few cushions, the pallet becomes a very comfortable indoor or outdoor seat.

Wooden Pallet: 10 Uses for Your Home Decoration Other Pallet Projects
Easy Diy Tutorial: Build & Install One Pallet Swing Bench

A garden potting bench

DIYers will have as much fun making this workbench as they have storing their tools in it!

A wine cellar

Once all the pallets are assembled and fixed, you will enjoy a superb wine cellar, which also serves as a bar.

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