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Brilliant Dr. Who Themed Pallet Dice Tower

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"Reverse the polarity of the neutron flow." - Dr. Who. I build this custom Pallet Dice Tower embellished with a few Dr. Who bits. It has a suede-lined tray to keep the rolled dice from going astray.

Make the perfect gift for the family with this charming Pallet Dice Tower!

I built this project without any plans. I designed on the fly! It was important to work with what I had on hand and adapted the project as I went along. I am particularly proud of this piece because of the many accomplishments I have made as I progressed. First, I made my very first rabbet and miter joints. I constructed the majority of the project using very strong, but warped pallet pieces. Then I built the tray box from some scrap pieces of aromatic cedar. I used 1/4" plywood for the bottom and lined it with scrap black suede. The finish is several layers of Mod Podge. I created this entire project using elements I had on hand and brought my total cost to nothing.

Pallet Dice Tower was made using some warped pallet boards that were still good quality. I used numerous clamps to hold/bend them in place while the glue set.
I used sturdy, but slightly warped pallet wood. It took quite a lot of clamps to secure and straighten the boards as I glued them in place.
This Pallet Dice Tower was finished off with Mod Podge for the sealant, had a piece of artwork decoupaged onto the front with a Dr. Who theme.
The completed dice tumbling tower. Stencil, decoupage, or paint your design onto the tower.
I added more Dr. Who-Themed artwork on the back of this Pallet Dice Tower.
I applied more Dr. Who-themed artwork on the back of the tower.
The tower of the Pallet Dice Tower fits snugly within the dice catch tray that I lined with suede. When not in use, the tower will lie flat within the dice catch tray.
The tower fits within the dice catch tray that I lined with suede. The tower can lie flat in the box for convenient storage.
Use those pieces of wood with knots, defects, and other character "flaws" that make wood beautiful and unique. The dice catch tray has knots visible on two sides, and variegated tones that make it attractive.
I sealed the project with coats of Mod Podge since it is an indoor-use set.
This Dr. Who Pallet Dice Tower highlights the natural variegations and beauty of the pallet wood used for the project.
Use those pieces of wood with character "flaws" including knots, grain variations, and tone variations. Let the natural beauty of the wood make your project truly unique!
Pallet Dice Tower features pine and cedar wood to create a stunning functional art piece.
Embrace the knotholes and mix wood types to create stunning, functional art pieces!

For more gaming fun, make a Pallet Cornhole Board!  Upcycle old muslin into terrific totes!

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