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Simple Elegant Pallet Serving Tray

  • 1 pallet

  • easy

  • 1h

  • $1

I made this simple to make Pallet Serving Tray from only a few pallet boards and in minutes! The dimensions are 400mm long x 240mm wide. The sides are around 70mm high, and I aim for a timber thickness no more than 12mm.

Pallet Serving Tray – Perfect for indoors or outdoors and would make great party decor!

First, select your timber for its looks and condition. It is best to use sound timber and do NOT use chemically-treated boards as you may use these around food. Only use heat-treated pallet boards! Then I plane all four sides and bevel the corners, then cut pieces to length. I cut 5 boards @ 390mm (3 baseboards and 2 sides) and 2 @ 240mm. This measurement depends on the width of the timber used and should be checked before final cutting. Glue and nail all boards. If you work to a system, you can complete assembly in 5-10mins and doesn’t require clamping.

Simple Elegant Pallet Serving Tray Pallet Home Accessories
Simple Elegant Pallet Serving Tray Pallet Home Accessories

This would be handy for crafts too! Here’s another fun project for the Outdoors!

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