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Simply Elegant Two-hour Pallet Christmas Tree

  • 1 pallet

  • easy

  • 2h

  • free

This simple and elegant Two-Hour Pallet Christmas Tree looks beautiful in its natural state. However, it would be fun painted, stained, stenciled, or decoupaged too!

Two-Hour Pallet Christmas Tree:

This is a great project to have the family help with. It only used part of a pallet. First, I started with a single deck board. I cut another and cut into four equal pieces. next, I glued the pieces to form the base. Alternately, you could cut half-lap joints as well. Next, I simply cut more deck boards and evenly spaced them out along the vertical support. I secured from the back side with screws and used glue as well. Next, I simply angled the ends to create the tree shape. I chose to leave this tree unfinished, but it could be finished any way you liked. Finally, I trimmed it simply with some small LED lights.

Sapin de noël faite avec 1 palette standard. 2 heures de travail. Je l’ai laissé en bois brut mais on peut le teindre.

Simply Elegant Two-hour Pallet Christmas Tree Pallet Home Accessories

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Melinda Snead

If that is considered elegant or a 2-hour project I’m a monkey’s uncle.

Sue Borg

Thats a sad tree

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