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by Aaron L. Lowther Jr

Toilet Paper Roll Holder

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Never run out of the most important paper in the house with this quick, easy, and practical project. If you need a way to store extra rolls and have a few pieces of pallet wood lying around, then you can make yourself a Toilet Paper Roll Holder.

Build your own Toilet Paper Roll Holder:

It only took eight planks. I attached the wood together using a pneumatic stapler loaded with 1/4″ crown, 1 1/2″ (one and one-half inch) length staples. It took less than 30 minutes –  it was fast and fun.

It will hold four rolls of paper. I kept it simple, but you have a lot of fun with a simple idea! You could add a door, do decorative cutouts, or get creative with different finishes and trim styles.

Toilet Paper Roll Holder Pallet Home Accessories

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Jorge Lozano

Awesome !

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