How to Prevent Table Saw Kickback

By Brandon Lee

A woodworker’s worst nightmare – kickback. Kickback is extremely dangerous and leads to thousands of injuries every year. However, many times, kickback is preventable if you follow the proper safety […]

Must-have Tools For A Faultless Pallet Furniture

By Neokentin

Pallets are cheap, good, and a fantastic material to be used in making home furniture which not also looks aesthetic, but goes well with all styles like from old-fashioned to […]

Essential Woodworking Tips Make Projects Easy & Fun

By HeatherStiletto

So, you like the look of some of the projects on this site, but you don’t know where to begin. Or maybe you’ve taken on a couple of pallet projects […]

What Are Heat Treated Pallets & Why Do I Want Them?

By HeatherStiletto

What Are Heat Treated Pallets & Why Do I Want Them? There are five main types of pallet treatments: Heat Treated Pallets (HT Pallets) Chemical Treatments Fungicides Untreated pallets (not […]

Quick Tip: Easily Identify Pallet Sizes Without Tape Measures

By HeatherStiletto

You’ve started a pallet project and ran out of wood, so you’re hunting for more pallets. But, what if you find more pallets, but you’re not sure they’re the same […]


Safety Glasses by – Product Review

By HeatherStiletto

Dorky or Dashing? Suave or Silly? The reality is that both are fine unless one description makes you less safe. I’m talking about Safety Glasses, of course! Remember the days […]


Workshop Safety: Pallet Woodworking Safety Tips

By HeatherStiletto

It’s funny. I see people writing in every day, commenting about pallet safety. “Is my pallet safe?” What people DON’T ask, and they should, is “How can I be safe […]


Wood Stain: A Review of Purecolor Inc. Revolutionary Stains

By HeatherStiletto

“A Revolutionary Product?” Finally, a company that delivers on that statement! Do you like to stain those pallet projects but get tired of the mess, the powerful odors, and the hours […]

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