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Quick Tip: Easily Identify Pallet Sizes Without Tape Measures

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You’ve started a pallet project and ran out of wood, so you’re hunting for more pallets. But, what if you find more pallets, but you’re not sure they’re the same size? Here’s a way to quickly identify pallet sizes without tape measures.

You can Identify Pallet Sizes Without Tape Measures if you know your shoe size!

There’s a simple trick that’ll allow you to measure out a room, identify a length of rope, and identify those pallets you’ve found. Use your FEET! Yes, you heard me – those things that you ignore unless they hurt or start getting those wavy stink lines. You only need to know your shoe size (either US size or European). You just have to remember one number (either inches or cm) and just walk the length of the pallet with your heel to your toe. It won't be exact, but it'll be close enough to see if you've got the same pallet like the one you're using for that sofa or deck!

Pallet Sizes can be easily obtained if you know your shoe size. This chart converts your shoe size (either US, Euro or UK) into inches and cm.

Pallet Sizes can be easily obtained if you know your shoe size. This chart converts your shoe size (either US, Euro or UK) into inches and cm.

If you want to know what the standard pallet sizes per industry and country, please check out the charts below. This table does not count custom-built pallets for specialty equipment – those are bonus pallets that we all covet!

If you've ever wondered what function your pallet served, this handy chart identifies common uses based on size. Be aware that pallets get used for more than one purpose. However, that allows you to decide to use a pallet or not.

Pallet Sizes can indicate the possible use in industrial settings.

Each continent uses different Pallet Sizes

Here is a listing of the typical Euro-pallet sizes, and where those "typical" dimensions get used by each continent.

No one was left out with this pallet use chart. Pallet Sizes are typical per continent.

If you need more information on pallet sizes, feel free to check our article Standard Pallet Sizes & Dimensions that cover all the pallet sizes available in the world.

Also, be sure your pallet is okay to use with the help of our Pallet Safety page!

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