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Spell Out Your Love: Pallet Love Wall Art

  • 1 pallet

  • easy

  • 4h

  • $10

This Pallet Love Wall Art measures approx. 20" wide x 43" tall. I created this project using heavy-duty oak pallets.

Follow the easy steps to create your Pallet Love Wall Art!

The unit is held together by 3" wood screws after pre-drilling the wood to prevent splitting. The toughest part is the angle of the "V" of LOVE. Measure twice and cut once is the key to that angle. Before putting it together, dry-fit to check the angles. Next, sand to the desired finish you want. We sanded this project using a 50 grit belt sander followed by a 180 grit orbital to smooth the shelf surfaces. After assembling it, choose your stain and polyurethane to create the look you are going for. You will need the following sized 2x4" (roughly) pieces:

  • 2- 11" (for V)
  • 5- 10" (for top of L, O, and E)
  • 2- 20" (long pieces on L and top of E)
  • 2- 8" (for bottom of O and middle of E)
Pallet Love Wall Art requires careful cutting on the letter V. The rest are straight cuts.
Take care to cut the angle on the V as accurately as possible. Dry-fit it to check. Everything else is easy to cut.
Sand and finish this project to your liking.
Leave this project rough and rustic, or sand it smooth for an elegant appearance. Stain, seal or paint it to your liking.
Pre-drill all your joints before installing the wood together using 3" screws for this Pallet Love Wall Art.
When assembling this project, be sure to pre-drill, particularly with the letter V. Skipping pre-drilling can cause the wood to split.

Continue connecting all the letters for this Pallet Love Wall Art.

Pallet Love Wall Art is ready to be hung on the walls.
Done! However, you have another dilemma. Where do you want to display your love? Use wall hanger hardware, or have fun and mount it to another pallet as a backdrop.
Cut the pieces of wood per the cut list for your Pallet Love Wall Art.
Cut your pieces. Measure twice and cut once to prevent errors and waste.
Pallet Love Wall Art is mounted together using 3" wood screws.
Begin mounting the letters together. Drill first to avoid splitting the wood.
Pallet Love Wall Art should be dry-fit before installing it all together.
Dry-fit everything to ensure you like the fit and finish.

The completed Pallet Love Wall Art.

Finish this Pallet Love Wall Art any way you choose to compliment your indoor or outdoor decor.
Stain and seal this project, or paint it to compliment your decor.

Update your Bathroom using Pallets for a gorgeous look! Use old Legos for a fun Vintage Bathroom Sign!

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Cool! We’d love to see it! <3 – Heather the admin assistant.

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Here’s one I did…

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