Other Pallet ProjectsBest of Pallet Projects for October 2016 @1001pallets

Best of Pallet Projects for October 2016 @1001pallets

We decided to highlight the best of pallet ideas & projects submitted @1001pallets during the month of October 2016. For this month, here are the top 5 projects that we and you loved! :)

Unique Circular Euro Pallet Fire Pit

Canis made this beautiful circular fire pit out of 12 reclaimed pallets, two types of tar, and a lot of creativity. It’s definitely a unique and quite inspirational build!

Angular Euro-Pallet Patio Lounge Set

This corner-sectional patio lounge set would create an intimate seating area on anyone’s patio, deck or garden. You can make your own with just a little less than 13 pallets.

A Fast & Easy Way Of Removing Nails From Pallet Boards

A great video tutorial by Sarah James that will show you the fastest and easiest way of removing nails from your pallet planks with an air gun.

Wooden Pallet Halloween Decor Ideas

October is Halloween month, so this article will give some ideas to decorate your house with spooky decorations to scare trick or treaters!

Best of Pallet Projects for October 2016 @1001pallets Other Pallet Projects
Halloween wood crafts ideas

Easy Pallet Fence Patio Surround

This project is the first attempt of Darran at using pallets and we must say that it was beautifully done! Darran made this backyard fence out of 11 reclaimed wooden pallets!

Hope you enjoy as us those projects and ideas! See you at the beginning of December to check our best projects submitted in November! :)

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Giovanni Florio
Giovanni Florio

What a great looking fence . You just gave me an idea . Gonna be lots of work but I’ll have to copy what you did . Thanks

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