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Pallet Heart Clock

  • 1 pallet

  • easy

  • 4h

  • $15

“Anything your heart desires,” including this charming heart-shaped clock made from pallets. The first time I built a pallet heart clock, it was a gift for a friend’s wedding. The original one had a photograph of the happy couple transferred onto the clock face.

Build your own Pallet Heart Clock:

To make one, I’ll use about half a pallet. I used battery-operated LED lights to represent the numbers typically found on a clock face. I mounted the lights and the power source on the back of the clock.

I glued the clock mechanism in place and secured it with screws to prevent it from twisting.

This one was finished with a rustic feel, but you could stain them, paint them, add photographs, or anything else that you like.

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You are obviously no stranger to the wood shop. I also have a passion for recclaiming wood. Keep up the excellent work.

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