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Add Style Quickly: More Than 50 Beautiful Pallet Wall Ideas!

Many of us have homes we love, but we're feeling a bit uninspired with ways to make our homes stand out from the crowd. Perhaps you have a unique feature in your floorplan that you'd like to highlight (or hide). Or, you want to create something that is a dramatic backdrop for your artwork, A/V equipment, or collectibles. Why not add a pallet wall to update your home decor scheme? As we have several ideas that'll inspire you to greatness, we selected more than 50 pallet wall ideas for your inspiration! The warm tones and textures will make any room more inviting!

We want YOU to feel the inspiration and add some pallet wood walls to your home too! Please be sure to share your ideas and creations too!

What do you do with those weird-shaped walls that form staircases? Highlight them as this crafter did!

Pallet Wood Walls can turn non-functional walls into focal pieces for A/V equipment, artwork, and more.
Now you can use that odd wall as a focal piece and not be forced to always put a couch against it.

Wainscoting can be expensive. Create a stunning accent wall in your bathroom!

This bathroom Pallet Wood Wallss project puts traditional wainscoting to shame.
I'll never use traditional wainscoting ever again!

You're not limited to indoor spaces. Beautify sheds, outbuildings, exterior walls, and other outdoor features!

Pallet Wood Walls can be used to hide ugly sheds and workrooms.
Don't leave a shed looking frumpy. Add pallet wood and create a lively, textured look.

A pallet wall project doesn't have to be a complete side of your room. Create a smaller pallet wall accent piece!

Wild and red - some of our Pallet Wood Walls include LED backlighting.
This piece would be wild in any room!

Create an outrageous man cave or she-shack with pallets!

Pallet Wood Walls can be used to hide A/V equipment.
A fantastic way to hide a TV or projection screen.

Don't forget to turn a boring fireplace surround into a stellar focal wall. A pallet wall can beautify any room of the house.

Angle the wood like in some of our Pallet Wood Walls.
Angle it!

Here's another version of a pallet wall fireplace surround.

Pallet Wood Walls can create a gorgeous warmth for holiday decor.
This accent wall creates a warm backdrop for any holiday decor.

Add touches of color to a pallet wall like this crafter did for their bedroom. Alternating thicknesses and widths of pallet wood make this an eclectic, exciting accent wall.

Pallet Wood Walls like this eclectic piece that alternates colors, thicknesses and widths will draw the eye.
Just a dab of color will do!

Build a masterpiece at your entryway using pallet wood.

An entryway to your home can be upcycled with tremendous style. This Pallet Wood Walls idea is gorgeous!
Just wow!

Have an ordinary garage? Transform it into a unique man cave!

Pallet Wood Walls make great beginnings for man caves or she-shacks.
Aah, the great beginnings of a man cave. They start with a humble pallet.

Add stylish privacy with a pallet enclosure wall.

Pallet Wood Walls can do double-duty as a privacy wall too.
If you have nosy neighbors, you can solve the problem with style!

Create a quiet, relaxing space in any part of your home.

This idea is a briliant way to create a peacful corner to relax in. Another one of our Pallet Wood Walls ideas to inspire you!
This is a simple idea, but the rich tones create the library feel without the oppressive librarian telling you to be quiet.

Keep it rustic with this pallet accent wall.

Pallet Wood Walls can be left in the weathered, silvered color or you can stain them specifically to create the look.
Leave some wood the natural silvered tone or use stain to create the look.

You don't even have to dismantle the pallets to create an accent wall.

This Pallet Wood Walls design is made by using complete pallets hung in various directions.
This is an easy idea that anyone can build with only a few necessary tools. Most of the pallets aren't even cut down.

Update your kitchen with a multi-colored pallet backsplash. Paint individual pieces to create focal boards that also let the beauty of the adjacent wood shine through.

This backsplash is an inspired idea for Pallet Wood Walls.
Look at this backsplash!

Combine an accent wall and custom pallet barn doors!

Pallet Wood Walls look beautiful when you alternate tones!
Use alternating tones to create a masterpiece like this pallet wood wall.

Do you want to change the appearance of your bathroom? You can add some white-painted pallet planks on your wall for a shabby chic style!

This is a genius way of reusing wood pallets into a room divider for a rustic look & feel!

This is maybe one of the most impressive pallet walls we've seen till we started 1001Pallets website. Jeroen Nieuwhuis recently opened together with cinematographer Erik Journée their own Photography and Film studio called New Day Studio. When planning and designing the look they wanted for the studio, they came across some pallet walls and went with this idea for their studio. This resulted in almost 50 pallets on the walls, table and lounge banks.

Another excellent use of wooden pallets, to give a modern touch to this living room.

source: Pallet As Wall Decoration

Pallets are used as wall decorations in this restaurant, located in Budapest, Kazinczy street.

This is the reception hall of the company Stilo Creativo. The idea consisted of building a reception to meet the customers with a couple of benches and planters constructed from recycled materials.

Pallet sides are often forgotten in the process of recycling - Genbyg Design decided to do something about that! They wanted to decorate the end wall of their new showroom and ended up using wooden pallet sides with no other modification than the removal of the corner hinges, and using sides where some have original logos intact, such as Lego for example.

This wall was not made from repurposed wood pallets, but as we love it, we thought we should showcase it! For this wall, an old gym floor was re-used to make a graphic wall!

source: Wall Decoration Made Out Of A Repurposed Gym Floor

The wall behind the ski and snowboard area (indoor ski school in Holland) was boring, and as we do not have much money, we came with this idea to relook the wall with pallet wood. We stole it from the boys of New Day Studio; they are our neighbors.

To build this wall, we looked for a variety of wooden pallets with different colors. Our wall consists of repurposed wooden pallets, old signs, and a barn door. The yardsticks are used as ventilation for air return.

Pallet wood used to create a bedroom feature wall with integrated shelves made from used scaffold boards.

This is the rehabilitation of part of the house that appears to be formally an old rectory. The wall and the table are made from recycled pallets.

source: Pallets Wall / Mur En Palettes

After a few days of staring at a giant blank canvas, Anna decided to go with her favorite, wooden pallets! Bringing 20 wood pallets up to the fourth floor of a "duplex only" building was the worst part of it. After that, it was just fun!

Kitchen & bathroom pallet walls. The pallet wood is fixed against the walls (mailed directly to the drywall with a compressed air gun). The result is beautiful on both pieces!

A wall covered with recycled wood pallets. A mirror was installed in the middle to give the feeling of spaciousness into this small space... the lighting is 100% solar powered...

source: Pallets Wall Decoration

Partitioned basement in a new house to create a cozy living room. We use wooden pallets and other natural products such as rock from the yard and a milled slab of oak wood from a tree.

Browsing HomeTalk, we found this lovely wall in the kitchen of Libbie that is full of character and colors. The wall is made from recycled pallet planks of different colors. It took 1.5 days and 50$ to Libbie to make it and to give a unique shabby chic atmosphere to her kitchen!

Another nice way of reusing pallet boards in a kitchen, add them to the backsplash and gives your kitchen a beautiful style.

Get the look without the cost with this white planked wall made from recycled pallet wood.

source: Farmstyle Pallet Wall & Wooden Clamp Shelves Using Pallet Wood

To build this bathroom wall, Kathy used reclaimed fences and pallet wood planks, used her scroll saw to cut all the boards and used only nails to install them on the wall... It's far from perfect cuts, and Kathy didn't use any rim for the position of boards, she just measured cut and pieced to fit. Even if not perfect, the result is amazing!

Another bathroom wall made from three used wood pallets and with LED fixed behind the wall for an astonishing result!

You are decided for pallet wood wall, but you want a different look? Try hanging the pallet boards vertically and add a little-distressed paint. It makes a statement!

The best part about pallet wood is not necessarily that you can get the wood for free, though that doesn’t hurt, it's the rustic nature of the wood. This wall is located near a beach. The aging, graying pallet wood mimics the color of driftwood, so it blends in great with any beach decor and warms up the entire room.

source: Warm & Rustic Pallet Wood Wall

We recently completed a conversion of our two car garage into a music space/studio. There are two pallet walls; one is about 20 feet by 8 feet, the other is about 10 feet by 8 feet. We took apart about 70 pallets, took out all the fasteners, and sanded the ends, sides, edges, and the side that is showing on the wall. We painted both pallet walls with dark brown paint to give any gaps a more natural look. The pallets were fastened to the wall with a pneumatic brad nailer into a double layer of 5/8-inch sheetrock with Green Glue sandwiched between the layers for sound reduction.

A complete basement made from recycled pallet wood. This project requires around 100 wood pallets, walls, bar and wet closed are all made with pallet wood! Amazing!

Gorgeous & massive wall made out of repurposed wooden pallets for the shop "Biocoop" at l'Isle-Jourdain (France).

I covered the wall in my veranda with old pallet wood planks. It gives a warm feeling and great view with all these different subtle colors of pallet wood, new & old.

source: Covering The Wall Of My Veranda With Discarded Pallets

I wanted an accent wall for my living room. A friend was helping me pick out paint colors for this living room, but it needed to be something different. Another friend made me this suggestion and even provided me with the pallet boards to build it. So I built it, and I'm pretty amazed by the result!

This built-in desk is framed with repurposed pallet wood, the desk, the walls, and trim are all made from repurposed wood pallets. We love the chevron frame on the wall!

to built this living room pallet wall, I've used around ten wood pallets but dismantled 25 of them to keep the best planks and have the choices of colors in the various pallet planks. After I had chosen the pieces, I sanded them down and used four different shades of tint on the boards. I painted the wall a dark brown to hide imperfections in the boards. I love the rustic finish of this pallet wall!

I transformed my old fireplace that was 95 cm wide, by creating a larger frame of 120cm wide with a slatted base to fix recycled pallet boards on it. The idea is to hang the TV; As I wanted to hide the cables and add a location for the CD / DVD player.

source: Wall From Pallet Wood

I turned my living room into a shed easily with pallet wood. I sanded the pallet boards, waxed them, then simply glued them to the wall.

I've built this toilet pallet wall from wood planks used to come from non-European wood pallets. They were abraded and cut by default to the width of the wall. Then, they were cut in half to alternates them in the successive layers of boards. A wooden frame made of slats was cut to size and attached by 6 "Molly" pins on the wall. The fixing points are located on both vertical battens on each side. The wood pallet boards were then nailed to different cleats. A cut was required for contouring the water supply and wastewater disposal.

How about this super-fun raised pallet LED-Lit kids bed? I turned a little built-in area in my kid's room into a platform bed with a large headboard (all the wall) and under bed storage. To make it more unique, I added blue LED backlighting to the pallet wall.

We had an old tin shed we needed to renovate so that we could barbecue and smoke our meats. We looked at a load of options, including new tin, breeze block (cinder blocks), and more. We compared prices, but every option was too expensive. We wanted our shed to be unique! With a stack of pallets, a little time and a small amount of money we were able to renovate our shed and gives a new look! We used pallet deck boards to cover the walls, trim around the windows, and do a general repair of the original old shed.

source: Amazing Pallet Shed Renovation

Over 1,000 wooden pallets were used to build this incredible man cave. The walls, ceiling, bar, trim, doors, and wine racks are all from recycled wood pallets.

That's all folk's!

If you need more inspiration, feel free to browse our categories dedicated to pallet walls, we have hundreds of ideas & projects for you! Learn how to build your own pallet wall!

Have you already made a cool wood pallet wall? Please share it with us, and we will publish it!

And before starting your next pallet project, do not forget to visit our resource pages that could help you:

Enjoy & Happy Palleting!

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