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by Jason

Staircase Pallet Accent Wall Adds Warmth To Room

  • 4 pallets

  • medium

  • 12h

  • $15

This is a basement staircase wall. I used about four pallets to cover it and create this Staircase Pallet Accent Wall. Then I used about five different shades of stain on the boards. I coated some boards only using clear satin polyurethane.

How I made my Staircase Pallet Accent Wall:

First, I dismantled about four pallets. Next, I ran the boards through a table saw so they would fit tightly together. There are a few different board widths to create some interest. The boards were attached to the wall with a finish nailer after the wall was painted matte black.

Staircase Pallet Accent Wall Adds Warmth To Room Pallet Walls & Pallet Doors
Warm up your surroundings and bring in the beauty of natural wood tones like this great staircase pallet wall. It gives any room a focal wall and will surely have your guests asking how you did it (or if you would do it at their homes too).

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Phillip Jimenez

My accent wall in my old shop.


That’s beautiful! If you ever wanted to submit a post about it, we’d be happy to share it. Nicely done, Phillip! Heather the Admin Assistant.

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