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Living Room Pallet Accent Wall

  • 10 pallets

  • easy

  • 20h

  • $50

I scrounged up some pallets from a job I was working on and turned the into this living room pallet accent wall. I selectively stained some boards and left others natural for the final effect.

How you can make your own Living Room Pallet Accent Wall too:

First, I broke down the pallets. I used 100-grit sandpaper and smoothed them down to the finish I wanted. Next, I selectively applied a gray stain to some of the boards. The rest I left in their natural, unstained state.

Living Room Pallet Accent Wall - Prep & Assembly:

I removed the door and the trim. Next, I put up some black backing paper, holding it in place with staples. Then it was time to puzzle-piece. I began installing the boards from the top and worked my way down the wall, alternating the gray-stained boards with the ones I left a natural color. Everything was installed using an 18-gauge finish nailer to attach the boards to the wall. I purposely staggered the joints for visual interest. I was so excited to share the project that I still had one more board to trim around an electrical outlet! But this was a fun and budget-friendly way to add a dramatic focal wall to your room. This only cost approximately 50 dollars to do this project!

Editor's note: Nicely done! Always be sure you know where your electrical wiring is running before you begin to use nails on a wall. A stud finder can be a very handy item, and you can mark the locations of studs by using masking tape at the top of the wall and along the floor as a visual indicator. Or, have more fun and use one of those chalk line tools that you can then "snap" onto the black paper. They're messy, but your kids would have lots of fun helping with that part!




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David Guillon

Isabelle Paquet, ça me rappelle quelques souvenirs …

YvanCindy Lnd

Ce n’est pas des palettes c’est du parquet décor j’ai posé exactement le même sur un mur

Jessica Blery

Regarde Melie Blery

Janis Alexander-Gray

Mikey, pallets!!

Alex Malyon

How do I stick these to walls

1001 Pallets

HI! Heather the admin. assistant here. You’ve got a few options. 1. Some people build a frame and mount the pallet deck boards to it. 2. Others install them directly to the wall studs (you can use tape top/bottom of the wall to mark where the studs are for convenience). 3. Some use heavy-duty construction adhesives and treat them almost like tiles – like that Power Grab product. This will absolutely destroy the drywall if you ever removed it, because it’ll just pull the outer paper when you removed it. But… why would you remove it? It looks gorgeous! <3… Read more »

Addla Thaine

Renato Rossine, olha que detalhe perfeito…

1001 Pallets

Joe Guillory If you want, try it again. If it gives you any trouble, you can email your info. directly to me – 1001pallets.heatherstiletto@gmail.com – you can also do a “contact us” if you’re having problems. The admins have been working diligently to address the occasional hiccups that were happening with submissions. Your accent wall is beautiful, and I’d love to get it posted. Sorry you had troubles before – I did too on one of mine, and had to ask the admins for help. Then I ended up here… ha ha ha ha! :-D Happy Palleting! -HS.

Joe Guillory

i tried a couple months ago but I never could get it to show up.

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