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Pallet Focal Wall

  • 10 pallets

  • medium

  • 3h

  • n/a

Who needs expensive art when you could build yourself a pallet focal wall like this one? It is a creative way to recycle, save trees, and show off your individual style!

How I made this pallet focal wall:

First I took the overall dimension of the pallet wall. I found particular pallets to fit within that size limit but wanted to restrict the amount of trimming/cutting to a minimum. Now, I didn’t particularly care for my project, but you could certainly do a lot of variations with this project. You could pick all oak pallets or all poplar pallets. You could have the pallets all the same size but change the directions of them. You could alternate light and dark-toned pallets for a more “checkerboard” pattern. The only restriction is your imagination.

I laid the pallets out on the floor and got them set up the way I liked. Next, I located the studs in my walls and marked them. You can put pieces of tape on the floor in the center of each stud, or use chalk lines, or any other method that works for you. You must have sturdy places to mount the pallets!

Mounting the wall and finishing:

I attached the pallets the to the wall, starting from the ground up. I used a screw gun and wood screws and ran them through the bottom deck boards and into the studs at a slight downward angle. This technique gives it a better “bite” to the wall. You can fill in the gaps, or use those gaps as display “windows”.

When you’re complete, you can hang pictures or whatever you like directly to the pallet wall you’ve made. A fun variation is to make little shelves intermittently for knick-knacks, displays, or collections. Just let your mind go wild with it!

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Cudda B
Cudda B

nice look.. i can see u adding a lot of art pieces to that wall

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