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Pallets Barndoor

  • 10 pallets

  • hard

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Used about ten different pallets of various sizes and wood types to create the reclaimed distressed look. My 6-year-old son and I spent hours distressing it with hammers, chains, bags of nuts and bolts, hatchets, knives, threaded rods and other methods. Used two types of min-wax stains (early American and Jacob) to get this look. Finished off with one coat of their polyurethane. Used the cheapest chip brushes available. Hardware was made from homemade from 1/4×2′ flat stock. Tough to bend for hangers.

Tip: wood glue doesn’t take stain well so use sparingly.

Pallets Barndoor Pallet Walls & Pallet Doors
Pallets Barndoor Pallet Walls & Pallet Doors
Pallets Barndoor Pallet Walls & Pallet Doors

Pallets Barndoor Pallet Walls & Pallet Doors
Pallets Barndoor Pallet Walls & Pallet Doors

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Kelli Wolter

Josh Gelder for the bathroom

Josh Gelder
Reply to  Kelli Wolter

Looks alright

Tanya Watene Gerrard

farout this is awesome as .

Linzi Bailey

Michael Dawson what we were just talking about

Francesca Johnson

Saara Soar these are awesome!!!!!

Amanda White

Craig White a cool laundry door

Karen J Bown

Helen Batchelor…….
Keeps getting better

Helen Batchelor
Reply to  Karen J Bown

Oh, I like that xx

Marvin van Vliet

Super vet Marieke Brakke voor de huiskamer

Jesse Freeman

Terry Freeman. I can get a lot of this wood from work. And you can build the size to your opening

Débora Mas

SucosySandubas Soto Saravi Diana Inés Marsilli

Nathan Levenson

Beth Floyd Levenson, love this for dining room

Shari Singleton-Merlino

Love these doors!

Dawn Rook

Love this !

Christelle Chollet
Christelle Chollet

C’est ca que je veux ! <3

Darby Jane
Darby Jane


France Blanchard
France Blanchard


Angélique Orpin-Morlet
Angélique Orpin-Morlet

Regarde Jonathan Orpin, pour ta maison ça pourrait être sympa et pratique :-)

Janete Janete Citro
Janete Janete Citro

É verdade Camila,facinho de fazer ,faz mil anos que to pedindo para o Claudio pegar uns na jaguar ,mas ………é muito difícil…..

Mélanie Gendron
Mélanie Gendron

Woooww j’adore

Maryse Brousseau
Maryse Brousseau

Vous avez teint les planches??? Si oui quel est le produit svp!!!

Camila L. Villela Souza

Facinho de fazer Wellington Souza

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