4 Pallets Dining Table

By lelievre

Dining table that can accommodate a dozen people, this one was made with 4 recycled wooden pallets. I also put casters on it to make it easier to move.

Create This Stripped Kitchen Table With Pallet Scraps!

By bigjohn

Wondering what to do with your pallet projects left overs?

I Used Pallets For My Dining Room Accent Wall

By Ajsparty

I used several pallets and created a dining room Accent Wall! I used many lengths of deck boards, and had to trim the boards to fit! Use this idea and […]

Multi-purpose Pallet Cabinet Adds Storage!

By ricou

Where do you put those extra holiday presents? This project is an ideal solution! Add a Multi-purpose Pallet Cabinet and get lots of convenient shelving as well as an attractive […]

Beautiful Pallet Bistro Table With Soda Pop Logo

By Bellocosi

Create an elegant addition to your kitchen, dining room or terrace with this Pallet Bistro Table. We painted the legs on the inner surface, and it has a soda manufacturer’s logo […]

6 Pallet Fall Centerpiece Ideas That Will Brighten Holidays!

By HeatherStiletto

Check out these Pallet Fall Centerpiece Ideas that’ll brighten your holiday table. Purchase these ideas (links supplied) if you’re too busy, or you could make one for your own home! […]

Upcycled Wood Dinner Table

By Adopteunecaisse

We made this project out of upcycled building materials. Use this Upcycled Wood Dinner Table as inspiration for your next project!  Watch our DIY Video Tutorial and learn how to […]

Add Style Quickly: More Than 50 Beautiful Pallet Wall Ideas!

By HeatherStiletto

Many of us have homes we love, but we’re feeling a bit uninspired with ways to make our homes stand out from the crowd. Perhaps you have a unique feature […]

Indoor/Outdoor Pallet Dining Room Table

By bea4273

This project is suitable for either an indoor or outdoor Pallet Dining Room Table. Leave the wood natural and seal it well or paint the frame to highlight the natural […]

Video Tutorial: Simple Pallet Chair!

By HeatherStiletto

Holidays, birthdays, and other celebrations are the highlight of our lives Sometimes all those guests can be stressful, especially when you don’t have enough seating for that big game day […]

Rustic Country-style Pallet Hutch

By SoILLPallets

Make more space with something beautifully simple.

Wire-door Rustic Pallet Hutch

By adamu

I tried to keep this hutch very rustic looking. Think I nailed it?

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